The Faun Who Fell In Love With The Moon

The Faun Who Fell In Love With The Moon

Remember when I lost my mind last week and changed my profile pic to me as a faun? Well surprise, there was actually a reason lol. Not that I need reason to be a magical faun. I mean, let’s be real… fauns are pretty badass

(This was a photoshopped photo of my face on a cosplayers body, Nana Kuronoma. See the original on my faun inspiration board on pinterest. I do not have this rocking body lol)

This is my piece from the Sugar Myths and Fantasies cake collaboration! We where tasked to create a mythical creature of our own choosing. I chose to make this faun serenading the mood’s reflection.

I have this whole back story in my mind where a princess falls in love with a prince from another land. Their relationship is not approved by their fathers but they persist in seeing each other anyway. Once caught, the princess’s father is so angry, he sets his wizard to curse the prince and turns him into the moon so they can never be together again.

The distraught princess runs to the forrest searching for her prince and finally sees him in the reflection of the moon on the water.

She lays down by the edge and sings softly to her lost love. The enchanted forrest feels so sorry for the princess they accept her into their world and turn her into a faun.


A princess of the forrest. Each night, if you listen carefully, you can hear her gentle tune over the water. The song of how the faun fell in love with the moon.

This piece was constructed on a 14″ board using threaded rod as the structure. You can see more in-process photos of the structure if you are a patron. Sign up to be a patron by going to


Here are a couple in-process photos of the sculpting. The moon is modeling chocolate from Sweetastic Modeling Chocolate

The body is made of LMF Fondant with tylose powder added and dusted with powders from Thesugarart

The water is made from 6 cups of melted isomalt from Simi Cakes and Confections

The texture in the legs where created using the soft sugar shapers from Innovative Sugarworks and modeling chocolate.

  • Dee Dannatt

    Hi Elizabeth – I absolutely love your piece and have been doing some research on the water effect from the links you shared with us – can I ask you one more thing…how did you get the ‘reflections’ in the water…were they ‘painted’ under a layer of isomalt or something? Many thanks, Dee

  • Sandeep Dayma

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  • Sherri Riehl

    So beautiful! Your work is truly amazing.

  • Ozzy Baker

    This is just awesome!!!!! You rock!!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Thank you so much!