Mother Goose Baby Shower

Mother Goose Baby Shower

A nursery rhyme or mother goose themed shower is so popular this year! The reasons why are easy to see, there are so many directions you can go with a nursery rhyme party! You can make it feminine, masculine or gender neutral pretty easily by switching up the rhymes, the colors and the decor!

Here are some of my favorite mother goose themed party ideas!

What is a baby shower without an invitation? I love this whimsical design from leveret paperie on etsy!

I love how this invitation uses old school nursery rhymes in the wording and looks like a vintage book! So great if you’re focusing on books as part of the decor for your nursery rhyme shower! From Nickel Design


Speaking of books! Why not reserve some space at your local library for your nursery rhyme themed shower! Most libraries will rent out the common space for an inexpensive fee and free books for decoration!


Or you can always check out some vintage books to use as decor for the shower and ask guests to bring a signed book instead of a card to bulk up your babies library!

Decorate the space with fun baby blocks as decor and a creative way to spell out names for food!

Speaking of food, keep things simple and yummy for your guests! Creative nursery themed names make these baby shower staples work seamlessly into the design.  Magnolia Designs

What is a yummy table without a cake? You know that’s what I look at first but I might be slightly biased in my opinions. Here are some CUTE CUTE nursery and mother goose themed cakes!

I LOVE the cute little animals on this cake by Little Cherry Cake Company



I think the subtle watercolor hand painted look on this class looking nursery themed cake from Catherine’s Cakery is the star of the show!

LOOK at the cute widdle books!! From pop sugar

If you’re looking to make your own delicious mother goose topper, I have one available in my online store. If you are looking for a talented baker to make you a topper, please contact one of my wonder friends :)

Realistic Toppers:
People Toppers:
Fun Toppers:


Nursery Rhyme Quiz! Baby shower games are always tricky. You want something fun to entertain people but not so in-depth that no one wants to participate! How about a fun quiz! Winner get’s a fun little prize like a baggie of candy. We love this quiz by Green Dot Design! You can instantly download after you purchase and print them out! I love that the graphics are fun and gender neutral so they can go with any theme.