Free Giant Hersheys Kiss Cake Tutorial

Free Giant Hersheys Kiss Cake Tutorial

I was really stumped for this year’s valentine’s day tutorial. Cookies? Cupcakes? What is still out there that isn’t just blah boring same ol’ same ol’ lol. The idea struck me while searching for something sweet to munch on while doing my grocery shopping. (side note, never shop while hungry, you will buy candy). MMMM hersheys kisses… so yummy… then BINGO! What if I made a GIANT hershey’s kiss cake tutorial!

Ganache Recipe Here

Cake Recipe Here

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Free printable tag here

I rush home and commence the googling to make sure a tut like this does not already exist and I am pleased to see that no only is there none that I can find, all the hersheys kiss cakes that I do find either have sorta grey wrappers or use actual tinfoil. I wanted a cake that looked so real, people would think they need to unwrap it but it’s all edible!

The giant hersheys kiss cake was born. Just to make it EXTRA fun, I added in a surprise inside element so when you cut into the cake, you get a cascade of yummy candies that fall out! What a fun surprise for whoever you make the cake for!

Even the label is edible if you print on wafer paper! One yummy cake from top to bottom! Download the free labels by clicking HERE


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Want to learn how to make this cute matching Hugs & Kisses Valentines Day Card from Nimbi Design? Click the photo for the full video!

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