Rainbow Trout Fishing Cake with Beer Can

Rainbow Trout Fishing Cake with Beer Can

I was recently asked to make a super fun MANLY birthday cake! You know I love me some food cakes! We threw around a few ideas from Chinese to giant sushi but eventually ended up on a fishing themed cake! So fun! We decided to go with rainbow trout because, hello? They look really cool!

You know I always like to go as realistic as possible! At first I created the fish. I spent the majority of my time obsessing over all the little details and the coloring was too much fun!

Next up was the cutting board. This was the main portion of cake on this cake lol. I went with a nice classic combo of my vanilla cake and some tasty ganache. I snapped a pic of an old wooden board from my back patio for the inspiration for the weathered look of the cutting board.

The final look was pretty gorgeous if you ask me.

Lastly, I created a nice tall can of PBR to go next to the fish. When you put it all together, it was quite the sight! Definitely one of my all time favorite food cakes. You can download the PBR label I used for free on my online store.

If you would like to learn how to make this cake, I have a tutorial on my website that shows you how to make the cutting board, the fish and a free tutorial on how to make the can of beer in my online store. Or when you become a patron, you have instant access to this tutorial and all my previous tutorials when you sign up at the $9 level.