Sugar Geek Show on Patreon

Sugar Geek Show on Patreon

By now you might have heard me talking about my Patreon channel but a lot of people have questions. I’m here to clear em’ up for you! It really is a super cost-effective way for students like you to learn online without having to pay a huge price tag for individual classes. I put together a simple video on how patreon works and why you really really wanna sign up instead of paying for tutorials individually :)


What is Patreon? Patreon is basically a channel of tutorial videos that I have created. By becoming a patreon, you have access to all the videos I have uploaded to my channel. I upload a new video every two weeks that is free for any patron to view. I will also make a BONUS video that usually relates to the free patreon video. You can watch any patron video on the patreon activity feed. Go to and click on creations to view all the videos. You can only see the videos if you are a patron and depending on what level you sign up as ($1, $5, $9 or $15 will determine what videos you can see.) $9 and $15 patrons have access to all the full-length videos. You can change your level any time.

What is a patron? Patrons are people just like you who support their favorite artists by pledging a certain amount of money per project they create (that’s you!) in order to help that artist support themselves and have the ability to make more tutorials for you! When you become a patron, you have instant access to all my old tutorials and get all my new tutorials for only $9 instead of paying full price. You can still buy tutorials individually if you prefer on my online store Watch tutorials by clicking on the creations tab.

How do I become a patron? Just choose an amount (read the rewards to see what fits you best) and hit “become a patron”. Your cards are charged at the beginning of the month. You are charged per video (I never make more than two videos per month) and if I don’t make a video, you are not charged.

How do I get my reward? Videos are posted in the patreon feed for you to view any time and the links will also be sent to you via the patreon messaging system. You can re-watch the videos that are sent to you any time, whether you are a patron or not. You can only watch the old tutorials on the patreon feed as long as you are a patron.

When you scroll through the creations feed, click on a video you want to watch. If there is a file attached that is a template, you can download it by clicking on the file in the lower right hand corner of the video. Not all videos have files.