Elsa Frozen Castle Tutorial

Elsa Frozen Castle Tutorial

I’m super excited about this newest bonus tutorial from the Sugar Geeks Show on my Patreon channel. It’s all about isomalt and Frozen! One of the best parts of the whole movie is when Elsa realizes she can’t live a life as the perfect daughter and sister anymore and has to let her true self shine! She transforms into Queen Elsa and builds an amazing ice castle with the powers she had been holding back for so long.

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I wanted to capture the beauty of that castle but obviously make it easy enough to re-create reasonably quickly for cakes. For this tutorial, I made a template for all the castle pieces so that you can make this castle again and again with the same beautiful results. There are some specialty items that you will need to pick up but once you have them, you can use them again and again.

The isomalt I prefer to use is from Simicakes because all you have to do is warm it up in the microwave and it’s ready to go. It doesn’t get soft on the cake and is resistant to humidity. It’s really the best isomalt I have used and very consistent.

One of the cool things about this tutorial is I pour the pieces out in a special way that gives the isomalt a real ice-y look to them! I wanted the castle to look as close to as humanly possible! All the pieces end up with cool little cracks and lines that catch the light and really give it that magical look. I may be guilty of singing “let it go” as I put this one together.

Don’t forget! I also have a FREE tutorial on how to make an easy Elsa topper to go with this cake. No modeling or cake decorating experience necessary :)

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