Pizza Cake Tutorial

Pizza Cake Tutorial

The pizza cake tutorial has arrived! Fresh outta the Sugar Geek Show oven. We’ve got lots of cool techniques in this class from covering the cake, coloring and creating cool details like mushrooms, bell peppers, sausage, pineapple and even creating realistic cheese!

This cake is small enough to serve at a fun birthday part for your kiddos or that pizza loving person in your life. Personally, I think my hubs would eat pizza every single day of his life if I let him.

This tut is $10 in my webstore but DID YOU KNOW that if you sign up to be a patron then you would have automatically got this kickass tutorial for only $5?? Just sayin! (watch the intro video on the home page for more info about being a patron

I promise this cake tastes like cake lol. Making food cakes can be confusing to look at but it’s fun! Why not? Do something different! Cake decorating is all about having a good time and eating delicious cake :)

If you need a fab cake recipe, I have a delish moist and fluffy vanilla cake recipe on my website as well as a fluffy, not too sweet buttercream!