How To Sculpt Rice Krispy Treats

How To Sculpt Rice Krispy Treats

Have you struggled with modeling with Rice Cereal Treats? Do they always fall apart? Do you wonder how to get them to stick to the darn structure?

Well I have the perfect tutorial for you then! This video takes all the guess work out of RKT modeling. Just a few key steps to creating great sculpted cakes!



And if you want to see how we turned this little lump of RKT into a cute puppy, the full cake tutorial is now for sale in my shop.

Learn now to sculpt this adorable puppy and kitten from RKT (rice krispy treats) and modeling chocolate. I’ll also go over structure and how to airbrush your cute creations! You’ll also learn how to create this basket weave texture. Each lesson is broken down into sections. After you purchase, you will be send a link to download the pdf with the youtube links to watch your videos whenever you want. They are yours to keep forever.

Remember, please do not share information that you have paid for in a tutorial with others in groups or forums.

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  • Francine

    Hi. Just wondering if there is something that I could use instead of melted marshmallows. I tried using ganache, but that didn’t work well at all … but then again that was before seeing your tutorial :) Would / should ganache work the same way or do you have something better to suggest?

  • Noelle

    Hello Liz,

    In Vietnam we don’t have rice cripsy treat, so what can we use to sculpt cake instead of using cake and rice cripsy? Thank you.

    • Sandra Roberts

      You can use cheerio type cereal (anything type doesn’t quickly soften)as well I find it easier to mold if you crush the cereal before making the treats ( a professional cake decorator taught me this) you then have a smoother surface to work with as well

  • Gail Ann Dinkel

    awesome !