How to Make Fondant Smoothers

How to Make Fondant Smoothers

Mayen of Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen is well-known for her genius tutorials and she has done it again. Not only will these smoothers help you achieve those SUPER sharp edges you desire on your cakes (she has a tutorial for sharp edges too), you’ll be able to make them for pennies!


BONUS! Fondant smoothing tutorial on Mayen’s Youtube!


These smoothers sell for much more if you buy them online but you can easily make your own in just a few minutes.

All you need is some heavy-duty plastic. Mayen suggests purchasing the sewing template plastic from a craft store like Jo-Anns. It costs about $5 but if you use your 50% off coupon, it can cost as little as $2.50! Each sheet makes SIXTEEN 3″ x 4″ smoothers so you could make 16 smoothers (8 sets) with just one package. That’s less than 16 cents a smoother people!

After you purchase your plastic, just use an x-acto knife, scissors or even a paper cutter to cut your smoothers down to size. Use some scissors to round off the corners so you don’t poke your fondant. You can use a piece of fine sandpaper to smooth down any rough edges if needed but not necessary.

Mayen says you can even use some plastic you might already have on-hand like the acrylic boxes that some items are packaged in, cutting mats or even plastic place mats!

So there ya go! Acrylic smoothers for days. No need to spend $$ on one when you can make your own in no time at all! No skill required ;)

Thank you Mayen for sharing your knowledge! Mayen has tons of tutorials on her fb page, Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen.