10 totally fantastic animal cake toppers

10 totally fantastic animal cake toppers

I have made TONS of animal toppers in my day and my favorites are the cutsie kind but I’ve made spiders and scorpions and horses and even slimy beetles.

I really look forward to share days but this one was a doozy! It was WAY too hard choosing only 10 adorable animal toppers to share with you! We had over a 100 submissions! But here they are (in no particular order), the 10 coolest animal toppers I could find!

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#1 – I am a sucker for Octopi and this one has it all. From the cute expression to the little sign and even the unique cupcake wrapper! There isn’t anything NOT to love about this topper! Fantastic work from un cupcake l’addition

#2 – I see these cute little giraffe faces and hear them say “HELLOOOO” haha! They are so cute! I wanted to post all the photos of the animals in this cute topper made by The Sugar Plum Bakery! 

#3 – Sachiko from Mimi Cafe Union in NYC is known for her beautiful and expressive figures but her animal toppers are just as amazing! As you can see each little animal is hand-sculpted and the details are just stunning! Do you see that little monkey in the back with a banana on his head?? How adorable is that!? Check out more of her work on her website, Mimi Cafe Union! She also teaches classes! What a fun thing to do if you’re ever in NYC!

#4 – Everything about this cake from Roses and Bows Bakery is pretty much adorable but I especially love that Monkey topper! He looks just like you took a little stuffed animal and placed it right on the cake, except without the fabric fuzz! Great colors and nice clean design!

#5 – Ok who can resist this fat little frog! The expression, the little belly button!? Even the widdle crown on top! I just love everything about this cute little guy created by Lucy Cake Design! I want to hold him and squeeze him and call him freddy hehe.

#6- Ok I had to include these creepy crawlies only because they are so realistic I had to look twice! I especially love that scorpion rearing up about to attack! Very cool stuff from Karolina Cake Designer!

#7 – OMG puppy!!! This is the cutest little puppy dog cake topper! I love his little smile and his spots and oh the bow! Great work from Hot Mama’s Cakes! She even has an Etsy shop where you can buy more cute cake toppers!


#8- Making toppers to resemble animated creatures is not easy to do! That is why I chose to feature this adorable pascal topper made by Elaine’s Sweet Life! He looks like he just jumped off the screen and came to life! The little smile is perfect!

#9 – The Cake Dutchess is one of my all-time favorite topper makers! She even has tons of tutorials that are free as well as paid and they are amazing! Check out her Etsy shop and learn to make cute toppers just like this adorable barn owl!


#10 – This little lion cake topper is probably the cutest lion I have ever seen! I don’t know if it’s his fluffy little mane or the expression or even the colorful blocks in front but I love every little detail! Amazing work by Adventures with Cake!