Its Time for Threadcakes 2014

Its Time for Threadcakes 2014

It’s that magical time again! Time for my favorite annual cake contest, Threadcakes! If you haven’t heard of Threadcakes, PLEASE let me introduce you to the funnest contest ever. The rules are very simple, pick a T-shirt design (There are HUNDREDS) from the website and create a cake based off the design. It does not have to be literal, in fact, they like you to be creative! The winning entries in 2D and 3D categories win cash money, threadless t-shirt swag and more! Read more about rules HERE (rules are important so you know how to win yo!) This is my winning entry from last year. It was a CLOSE fight to the finish line! I am going to have to REALLY bring it this year, the competition is STEEP!


Yep, that’s all cake! You can see all my in-process photos on the threadcakes entry page.

Some of my favorites from last years contest! Click the link to view the full entries with step by step photos on the website.

Ramen Ses Ramen from Jessica Allard. I love how flippin’ clean this execution is!

Lisa Frankenstein by Corrie Rasmussen. This cake is pretty much my childhood dream come true, plus cake!

Green Lumberjack by Kylie Mangles.  This design was so faithfully re-created, it’s hard to believe it’s cake! Also one of my favorite T-shirt design by the amazing local Portland artist, Brian Cook!


I’m looking forward to all the amazing entries for Threadcakes 2014! Go get cakeing!

  • Gladys Orozco

    I am excited to enter this contest but intimidated by all of the amazing talent! Good Luck! (not that you need it ;0) )