How to get sharp corners on square cakes

How to get sharp corners on square cakes

My friend Renay Presley Zamora of Sweetface Cakes dropped this HUGE WOW on me today! I seriously HATE covering square cakes in fondant. When brides ask for square cakes, I cringe. I admit it. She posted this simple tutorial on how to get perfect square corners and it went kinda like this in my brain.

Looks good.
BOOM!!! what??? OMG! *dead*

Yea. Kinda like that.

Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked if I could share this genius little tidbit of info with all of you! You’re welcome!
From Renay:

  1. Cover your buttercreamed or ganached cake in a big piece of fondant
  2. Use a smoother to smooth down the fondant on each side until it’s flat
  3. Using two fondant smoothers, press them together at the corners as pictured with a little pressure until…
  4. BOOM! The fondant corner pops right off and you are left with a super clean and sexy sharp corner!
  5. Use your smoothers to sharpen up the rest of the edges
  6. Use a bench scraper to trim off the excess fondant

Renay uses a ball of fondant to smooth out her rough edges afterwards but you can use your hands or a bit of shortening or whatever works for you.

Thank you Renay for sharing your awesome knowledge!


    An amazingly easy recipe to follow and the result was a soft, fluffy and delicious cake.

  • Sanosh Janki

    HI, I am so excited about this idea. Will definetly try this out this weekend. can you tell me where i can find the Tutorial for this process. Thanks, Sanosh Janki

    • Elizabeth Marek jessica harris clean and simple cake design

  • kemi

    What’s LMF?

  • kemi


  • Casey Roman

    How does this not leave a frayed cut line on the corners?? Seems too good to be true! Honestly, using fondant to blend away lines has never really worked for me. How to you erase the cut line?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I use LMF fondant which blends very easily :)

  • Monica Cavallaro

    I had to laugh – your reaction to a square cake order is the same as mine… cringe and try and talk them into something else – am doing a square tonight, will let you know how I go with this concept! Bring on that christening cake!! xx

    • Elizabeth Marek

      hahaha anything to NOT do a square cake! lol

  • Nancy Smith

    I tried the LMF and it is truly miraculous on a cake. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it. I took your suggestion and added fresh modeling chocolate, now it’s the best of all worlds. Next, I just tried this square corner technique with the LMF and it turned out beautiful. I am doing a 3 tiered wedding cake and both the LMF and square corner technique came into my life at the right time. Thanks for all you do!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      yay I’m so glad!

    • Denise De Jesus

      What do you added modeling chocolate to? I’m about to try for the first time LMF and want to know all the options.


      • Nancy Smith

        I make modeling chocolate. Here is a tutorial:
        Then after it firms up in about an hour, knead it until it’s soft. Add it to the LMF and it adds a nice flavor and texture.

  • Annie Lapada

    do u do the same for round cakes? im doing one for this weekend and im thinking of doing the same thing as u did so that i could get the perfect sharp edge for my cake.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I use the upside-down method for round cakes. Jessica Harris teaches it on clean and simple cakes on

  • Trudi

    Firstly, Thank you, this is brilliant. Secondly is the fondant treated with anything like tylose or CMC and how thinly is it rolled out before it is put on the cake. TIA

    • Renay Presley Zamora

      Hi! This is Renay Zamora… when I did this tutorial (and for every cake I make) I used FondX brand fondant. It’s not treated with anything.
      And I roll my fondant out to about 1/8th of an inch thickness before application.
      I hope it works well for you!
      Peace, love & cake,
      – Renay

      • Elizabeth Marek

        Thanks Renay!

  • Gina Sotto

    Got my first request for a square fondant covered cake that will be done in 2 weeks. I’m SUPER HAPPY I found this technique!!! I can’t wait to try it and share it will my teenage daughter/partner!

  • Maria Nicoletti


    • Elizabeth Marek

      I know right!

  • Betty DeMar

    WOW I can’t wait to try this I run when someone wants a square cake done in fondant!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      crazy huh!

  • zulaybibir

    Thanks to share for such an easy way.Thanks again. Its zulaybibi

    • Elizabeth Marek

      You’re very welcome

  • Lauren

    Oh My God! How easy is that! Why have I not worked this out myself?! This is GENIUS. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! xx

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I feel the same way lol

  • Sandra Segarra

    Do you cut with a knife the excess in the corner?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      You can see in the photo how to do it

  • Krystle Murray

    mind blown!

  • Destini

    That is seriously awesome! I can’t wait to try this. Thank you!

  • Bailey Bowyer

    OMGEEE Thank you, thank you, thank you… I cringe when I have to do square..