10 Amazing Zombie Cakes

10 Amazing Zombie Cakes

I admit, I am one of those weirdos that just loves all things zombie. I love the walking dead, I read the graphic novels, I dress up as a zombie on Halloween. I’m a lost cause. The zombie’s have got to me and I’m ok with that lol.

Here is a super old video of me applying to be on Halloween Wars (didn’t make it boooo). I actually hate this video because my talking is so stiff and cringe worthy lol BUT I do love the bits of me working on zombie cake :-D


I’m gearing up to create an AWESOME zombie class for you all in just a few weeks and it’s got me really excited! So in celebration, I wanted to share some AMAZING zombie cakes created by some very talented cake decorators. They range from pretty cute to pretty gory so there is a little inspiration in there for everyone!

If you’re dying to see MORE awesome zombie cake inspiration, check out my Zombie Pinterest Board.

#1 – First up we have this GORE-tastic severed head from Avalon Cakes. Love all the open wounds and details!

#2 – Speaking of the Walking Dead, how CUTE are these cookies themed after the characters from the show? I just do not know how cookie people work their magical powers to create these works of art! Simply awesome stuff from Bimpys Bakery.

#3 – This next artist has so many amazing zombified cakes, it was impossible to choose just one. Sarah Jones is known for her GORE-geous creations in cake and in special effects during the Halloween Season. You might also recognize her from Halloween Wars!

#4 – This next zombie head cake is so real, it looks like it might jump off the screen and bite you! From the dead eyes to the gnarly teeth, this cake really brings zombie cakes to a whole other level! This slimy severed head is the creation of Cake Rhapsody. 

#5 – It can be hard to incorporate the entire cake into a zombie themed design but I really like how Clara Marie’s Authentic Southern Bakery pulls off this cohesive design. Simple but zombie-tastic!

#6 – One of my all-time favorite zombie themed movies is Paranorman! Not just because Laika Studios are in my backyard but the overall artistic quality of the movie is just stunning! Stop-animation is a beautiful art form! These too-perfect zombie cookies are the brain-child of gudbytes!

#7 – One of the cleanest and coolest zombie cakes I have seen yet! LOVE LOVE the use of old wood as a way to inscribe the cake. The clean green backdrop is the perfect finishing touch to this fun cake for an 18th birthday. The artist says that this cake was outside of her comfort zone. Well you could have fooled me! Just perfect work from Janette Macpherson Cake Craft. 

#8 – There is something so sinister about this zombie cake and yet, it’s almost like he’s smiling at me. CHEEEESE for the camera Mr. Zombie! Lovely work by the talented Sweet Mary’s Cakes and Pastries. 

#9 – Not only is this zombie cake a portrait of the birthday boy, it’s also life-sized! This crazy cake was created with cake and ganache by The Chocolate Genius. The coloring was achieved with some clever airbrushing. NOW, tell me which one is the birthday boy and which one is the zombie??


#10 – I’d like to end this zomie list with a smile. A maggoty smile that is! These rotted teeth where each hand formed and delicately placed for the perfect gory feel. Now that is dedication to the art of maggotry!  Amazing work from Wolfbay Cafe. 

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