Doctor Who Themed Wedding Cake

Doctor Who Themed Wedding Cake


One of the best days in a cake decorators life is the day you hear this lovely lovely sentence…

“We need a Doctor Who cake, we’re open to your ideas! We want you to be creative!”

Insert happiest of all happy dances!

I had the extreme pleasure of designing this Doctor Who themed wedding cake for one of my favorite clients. The original sketch included a bit of a topsy turvy design and some lights for special effects.

UNFORTUNATELY I later learned this cake had to be picked up the day before the wedding and then transported 4 hours in a car… adjustments had to made. In the end we had to scratch the topsy turvy design and lights so that the cake could be as stable as possible for the long drive. Instead we gave the bride some battery operated lights to use behind the flowers for the added special effects and could be turned on during the event.

My fabulous decorator, Michelle was the mastermind behind creating all the details on the cake. I think my favorite was the weeping angel on the side. I felt really creeped out just looking at it lol!

Other awesome details on the cake included a Tardis topper with a sonic screwdriver next to it and a small fez in the upper right. There was also a little adipose next to one of the sugar peonies, looking cute and chubby. Next to the weeping angel was a little bow tie and then on the bottom of the cake, we had to include a Dalek and a tiny souffl√© … complete with burned top.

The galaxy texture on the cake was created using vodka and food coloring and I actually have a tutorial on how to do that on my Tardis Tutorial blog post if you want to check it out.


Lastly I have a quick video of the cake if you want to see all the details! I appreciate any comments and if you have any questions, just let me know and I’ll try and answer them as soon as I can :) Thanks guys!



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