Dinosaur Cake Tutorial

Dinosaur Cake Tutorial


I love making sculpted cakes and I love the process of figuring out how to build the cake structure. Each structure teaches me something new and I often improve upon a structure each time I make a cake using a similar structure.

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The first time I made a four-legged animal type cake, it was a mess. I really had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, I have since then worked this structure down to a stream-lined design that is easy to do and not too complicated for even a beginner to do.

This cake structure is great for beginners who want to venture out into sculpting cakes but don’t want to make anything too scary or even intermediate decorators who need a good all around structure for making cute animal themed cakes!

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This PDF tutorial shows you each step to making the structure, stacking cakes, carving, frosting and flawlessly finishing your cute little dino cake. I don’t include the painted lines in the tutorial because honestly, I liked the dino without them but I wanted to show the final product that went to the client because it had an adorable dinosaur smash cake to match which I found to be ultra-cute!


The dinosaur topper is made out of my LMF fondant and the cake is buttercream. The eggshell was created by molding gumpaste over a round cake pan for two days. I cut a hole out of the bottom and slipped it over the tail.