Star Wars Birthday Cake

Star Wars Birthday Cake

I was recently asked to make a millenium falcon birthday cake for a lovely lady who is throwing her lucky husband a surprise Star Wars themed birthday party, complete with light sabers and glow in the dark arena. How can you say no to a cake for such a fabulous party! She gave me complete creative freedom, the only request was to include a millenium falcon and the inscriptions “Happy Birthday Chris” and “May the Force Be With You”. DONE! I was really excited about the idea that there would be a light light arena and just HAD to incorporate some glow in the dark effects on the cake, or rather, glow under black light :) I used the AWESOME food color from Couture Cakes and Supplies out of Australia. They have some in all colors. I mixed it with a bit of white food coloring to make it opaque and then splattered away. I created the board in similar fashion to the tardis galaxy cake board. Now that I think about it, I should have done this effect over the entire cake, next time! I really do enjoy making these galaxy space looks on cakes. I think they look really cool :) But I am pretty partial to galaxies and space. The millenium falcon is made out of white modeling chocolate from Sweetastic. I love her chocolate because it is flexible, easily moldable and sets up nice and firm. You can even color it or buy it in the colors you prefer. Plus the owner, Melodie is SUPER sweet. I molded the chocolate using an ice mold I found on Think Geek. I inserted an LED under the chocolate so the ship appeared to be glowing and flying through space.   Overall I was pretty thrilled with this cake! I would love to do a more elaborate design at some point, possible with a bigger millenium falcon that has glowing lights and details on it. Geeky cakes are the best! I hand painted the text on this cake and wanted it to sort of blend in with the stars and galaxy instead of doing the typical cut out star wars letters. I think next time I might cut out white letters and paint them with the glow in the dark food coloring for a cleaner look but for this short notice of a cake, I thought it looked really nice.   If you would like to see a tutorial on using black light sensitive food colors on cakes, let me know in the comments! If I get enough interest, I might make a video for you :) Find me on facebook or my fun geeky cake group, sugar geeks. 

  • Tori Cornejo

    I really love this cake and would like to know what color food color u mixed with white to make it glow under black light. I would really like to do this for my sons 7th birthday coming up.

  • Crystal

    I would love to know how to us the black light sensitive food coloring. I am doing my daughters BIG 10 black light themed. Thank you

  • Tammy M. Clarson

    id b really int’d in seeing how u do this plz!!

  • Nichole

    A tutorial would be awesome! I love this cake!

  • Mika Iniguez

    Would SOOOOOO Love to see a tutorial on glow in the dark cake making!

  • Angela Willis

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a video! :)

  • Myeloid

    I too, would love to see a tutorial on black light sensitive cakes. I have a few geeky friends that deserve cakes like this!

  • Linda

    Love this cake and love items from Think Geek !

  • Joy

    Hi Liz awesome cake would love to have a tut on black light sensitive food colours.

  • DeLaina Whitlock

    I would LOVE to see a tutorial on black light sensitive food coloring! The cake is way cool, by the way!

  • constance

    I would love to have a video showing how you use black light sensitive food colors on cakes… it is amazing!

  • Tanya Ross

    Hi Lizzo
    this is another amazing creation, you are so gifted! I love seeing your work and your tutorials and would love to see this glow in the dark one too please.
    Thanks for sharing your skills :)

  • http://www.cakesweecakebytara.webs.come/ Taysser

    OMG ! this is awesome !!

  • Hala B.

    Amazing Liz. And I would love to see a tutorial on that glow in the dark food color. Had no idea there was such a thing.
    I love all your work:)

  • Jen Lee

    Tutorial on glow in dark, pretty please!

  • Beverly Griffith

    Would love to see a tutorial. The cake is AWESOME!!!!!

  • Nicki

    Great Cake! I would love to see a tutorial on using black light sensitive food colours on cakes. :-)