How to use Marvelous Molds Onlays

How to use Marvelous Molds Onlays

[grid number=”12″]I made this video a while back but then never got around to posting it. I’ve actually been using onlays and marvelous molds for quite some time now! I really truly have fallen in love with them! They save so much time and produce perfect results that I just could not get with my regular cutters. [/grid]

I found the onlays to be extremely easy to use but did have a couple of hiccups during my first try. Here are some tips for you to help you use your onlays perfectly the first time around!

1. Roll THIN! – The instructions say to roll out your fondant to a thickness of “2” on your pasta machine or 1/16″. I found this to be too thick. I actually ended up rolling mine out to a setting of “4” and it was perfect. It took hardly any work at all to cut through the fondant and tear away the excess.

2. Account for thickness of buttercream and fondant: To get your onlays to match up perfectly, you have to have a circumference (distance around your cake) that is in increments of 1″. I find that once you add on buttercream and fondant, your 8″ round ends up being more like 8.5″ around so you have an odd gap at the back. EASY FIX! Just trim down your cake board 1/2 of an inch (maybe more or less depending on how much buttercream and fondant you like to use) so that when you add your buttercream and fondant layer, you end up with a perfectly sized tier and your onlays will match up.

Quick Info on Circumference How do you know if your tier is the right size? Take a string and wrap it around the cake to measure the circumference. Mark with your fingers the length and place onto a ruler. Compare your length to the chart below. This should tell you what length your string should read if your cake is measuring at exactly the right circumference. (hint, you can also measure the top of the cake to see if its exactly 8″ or 10″ etc but this can be slightly inaccurate) Formula to find the circumference yourself is pi (3.14) multiplied by d (diameter, the distance across the circle). Example: A cake that is 6″ in diameter would be 3.14 x 6 so the circumference is 18.8″ If your circle is bigger or smaller than the diameter you need, your onlays will not line up exactly. If you are barely off, you can probably fudge it pretty easily by slightly stretching the last onlay.

Round Cakes

  • 6″ – 18.8″
  • 8″ – 25.13″
  • 9″ – 28.2″
  • 10″ – 31.4″
  • 12″ – 37.6″
  • 14″ – 43.9″
  • 16″ – 50.2″

You can watch this video I put together of the first time I ever used my onlays. I go over the problems I first encountered, how I worked through them and what happens if you miss a step! I will also be putting together a tutorial on how I made my gumpaste lotus flower if I get enough interest so leave a comment if you have any questions about onlays or if you would like to see the gumpaste flower tutorial. Thanks!

  • Nicolette Tantillo

    When you say cut down your cake board 1/2 an inch does that mean you need to trim your cake down half an inch as well?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I don’t think I did, it’s been a while since I made this.

  • Sharon

    Congratulations on your book! I simply love your style and appreciate how willing you are to share your experience. I have been dying to try onlays from MM, I’m a bit of a cake tool addict so I try to wait and make sure I still simply HAVE to purchase (well at least that’s what my husband suggests). I’ve adored these since the girls on CC collectively tried the different designs-I think I’ve waited long enough ;)

    I’m starting to really focus on perfecting my sugar flowers; detailing, dusting, realism, etc. so I’d love to see how you made your lotus.

    On a more personal note, and forgive me if this isn’t the most appropriate place to post this, I wanted to tell you how happy I am for you and your family to be expecting! After my 10yr old I had a terrible ectopic and lost one of my tubes, the DR’s said conceiving naturally would be very difficult. My husband and I tried and tried for years, it is physically & emotionally draining. I was very ashamed to share my problems with anyone other then my husband, which can make you feel very isolated. Reading your story, how open you were, well I found it very inspiring (and not so alone). I am now 13 weeks pregnant and everything is going well according to the Dr.

    So thank you for your courage! I admire you as an artist and a person.