Pyramid Head Cake Topper

Pyramid Head Cake Topper

I was recently asked to step slightly out of my box and make a Pyramid Head (character from the popular video game Silent Hill) edible cake topper. I love projects that push the limits of what I am used to. While familiar with figure toppers, I don’t usually sculpt in the realm of bloody and gory.

I started this project like I start all my projects, with research. Pyramid head is a VASTLY popular character and is celebrated all over the interwebs with fan art, custom figures, facebook fan pages and tons of cosplay. Although an intriguing looking character, after my research, I doubt that I’ll be playing this video game any time soon. Little too scary for me I think!

This is the main image I used for my topper re-creation. I like how he was holding the sword. Easier to turn into a cake topper and I liked the general stance. This figure was actually custom made as well from an artist called cutelucca but was posted by gaygamer. The link doesn’t appear to work anymore so I wasn’t able to find the original artist. If you know her, let me know!

I started by creating the base and a basic shape for the torso and “skirt” made from gumpaste and let that set up overnight. I also made the sword with an internal lollipop stick for support and let that dry overnight as well. I finished the details with fondant mixed with tylose so it dries faster.

The head and body was textured with a fondant tool to look like cuts and scrapes. Then I painted over the skirt and head with a dark chocolate brown food color to make the dents stand out more. I painted the skin with watered down black food color.

The blood was achieved by mixing red gel food color (I recommend americolor food coloring for all fondant work) and white opaque food color. I then splattered it on with a paintbrush. That was a fun an messy job! I used ivory food color to paint the “skirt”.

I am pretty much in love with the final project and am looking forward to shipping it off to the client and seeing how they use it on the cake.