How to make a Male Topper

How to make a Male Topper

I made this guy to match my pregnant woman topper for a baby shower cake. I thought I would share the process with you (my amazing viewers and readers) so if you ever want to make a man, you can see how I make mine.

This set of toppers was actually ordered by a couple in New Jersey. They gave me the details of what the daddy looked like and the mommy so I customized the toppers to look like them. They told me what colors to use for the dress and the clothing and asked for the daddy to be holding a teddy bear.

Although this video was made for this baby shower topper, you can apply these same techniques to make other types of male toppers like teachers, athletes, Fathers day, birthdays, anniversaries or anything you like just by switching out the accessories and details.

I created the above topper for a client who wanted to put this on top of a soccer ball cake. The topper was designed to look like her husband and his name was “ACE” so we put that on his jersey. Small details really customize the look of the topper.

This couple was made for my best friends parents 30th anniversary. They left for a trip and when they came home, my friend had these toppers placed on a Oregon Beaver (sports team) themed cake! The cake was simple but the topper really helped personalize the cake so that it was special, just like them.

If you are making a customized topper, try not to worry so much about making the topper look EXACTLY like the person you are trying to make the topper for. If you match similar hairstyles, eye color, and wardrobe, people will appreciate the resemblance.

You can watch the step by step instruction on how to make the body by watching the video below. The video following is on how to make the head and facial features.

You can also watch the tutorial on how to make the pregnant woman as well.

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FAQ: I make my own fondant (Marshmallow fondant mixed with Tylose Powder) but you can use whatever you want (gum paste, store bought fondant, modeling chocolate)

I use Americolor brand food color gels to color white fondant

Yes you can eat the toppers. They dry to be hard on the outside and soft in the middle (like a gumball)

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  • Tracy Sunderland

    Hi Elizabeth, am wanting to make a figurine using your method…but he needs to be standing….do you wire him or skewer him in order to do this..?any tips would be greatly appreciated…