Sculpted Spongebob Birthday Cake

Sculpted Spongebob Birthday Cake

Spongebob Squarepants cake!!!

This cake was requested by a friend of a recent client. I love referrals! This client wanted a super fun spongebob themed cake and I was happy to oblige! Spongebob is a great cartoon and super popular with young and old. I myself have seen many episodes and can almost hear spongebob’s pet snail gary “meowing” as I place him on the cake haha.

I knew it was important to get the features just right so I did a lot of research on spongebob’s characteristics and proportions. I also got a few tips from a fellow decorator on what to do to get the holes and the cheeks looking just right! I decided a layer of modeling chocolate to define spongebob’s features would be best and what goes better with RKT anyways? CHOCOLATE! Mmmmm Tastes like s’mores.

Hmmm looks a little creepy without a nose but the addition of fondant really does make a difference :-D

The finished cake had a fondant backdrop and graham cracker crumb sand. The cake was for a 40th birthday so the theme was based off the 40th episode of spongebob wich was “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II“.

Had to include the shell to summon mermaid man and barnacle boy of course!

Edible images working their magic!

MEOWWWWWWW hahaha I really wanted to put one of those cards where you can record a message onto this cake somehow but I couldn’t figure how to hide it! Mental note for next time :-D

  • Rachel B

    How do you get your fondant to looks so glossy !! That is amazing!!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Thanks! I finish my cakes with a light spray of water with my airbrush

  • Consuela M

    can you make these kind of cakes &send them? my sons 2nd birthday is cmng up and iREALLY want to get him a cake like this. he’s IN LOVE with sponge bob, and idk anywhere around where ilive that make stuff like this

  • shartirea

    ths is asooomme i wish i kcan have it for myy birthdaii cuz i loveeeeeeeeeee spongebob

  • isabel

    this is a very cool cake i wish i can get it for my dads birthday because he loves watching it with me

  • Devan

    This is awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!! I love it!!! You are so good Liz! You never seize to amaze me in your creativity! LOVE this cake!!