Margaret Braun Inspired Wedding Cake

Margaret Braun Inspired Wedding Cake

Margaret Braun is one of my all time cake heroes! Her work is so beautiful it takes cake to a whole new level! Not only is she world renowned but she is also a fabulous judge on Ultimate Cake Off!

I have always wanted to attempt a design of hers and I finally got my chance with a friends impromptu wedding the day after Christmas. I had free reign to do whatever I like as long as I incorporated purple and blue. I took this opportunity to attempt a design based off of her “A Cakewalk Through Barcelona” cake.

Margaret adds details so stunning it really does seem a shame to eat them! I did not want to steal her design so I tried to capture the essence of it but with my own spin. I loved the pearls and the look of the tiling. I really wanted to incorporate those two elements as well as the whimsical shape of the tiers.

This is my version :) I added a lot of purple sugar flowers to the cake and changed a few of the shapes of the tiers but overall, I think it pays a decent homage to Margaret Brauns version.

Here is a short video of the cake and the bride and groom’s reaction :)

  • MM Cake Design

    The most beautiful cake!