Twilight Birthday Cake

Twilight Birthday Cake

This cake was ordered by a wonderful repeat customer who is super into the Twilight series (along with millions of other fans). She gave me several photos of previously made twilight themed cakes and wanted something even better! She wanted me to combine as many details and elements from the series as possible and to top it all off, a large hand painted portrait of the birthday girl with Edward as the backdrop. All in food color and sugar. Not one short order but I was up for the challenge :)

This cake ended up being about 2 feet tall. The books are red velvet and all individually painted to look like the actual books.

The wolf was made with sculpy so that they birthday girl could keep it as a memento

The apple is made from rice cereal treats covered with red modeling chocolate. Ends up tasting a lot like a S’Mores Mmmmm

The chess pieces were modeled with fondant and placed on the chess board accordingly

The painted couple was a pretty big challenge for food color but after a few hours and some determination, it finally came together. I think I might even like doing another one of these some time! To finish the whole thing off, I included three crests representing the Cullens, the Volturi and the Wolf pack. All hand painted with food color on sugar as well.

This cake was truly a unique one and the birthday girl sent me an email shortly after that she was amazed at her cake! Mission accomplished!

  • Marita

    I L-O-V-E IT!! I recently had a birthday party with a Gir theme so the first place I looked was here. I wasn’t able to purchase one at that time but now I’m here again with a Twilight theme! I saw this and fell in love with it. I’m considering one for a Saturday in August. It’s so detailed!
    Plus the signs for the Cullen’s, the Volturi.. AND the wolf pack… Amazing! Even if the price is high, it’s a really good thing to have. People of all ages would love it! My favorite part: All 4 books! I’m still looking at it trying to figure out how in the world that’s possible. It’s like 4 mini cakes including the whole cake and decorations! Once again.. Love it! Wonderful Job!

  • Vianca

    this is amazing!! :D

  • Heather

    Beautiful!!!!! Looks too much like artwork to eat. Just one thing, from a big fan… You misspelled the author’s name. :-(

  • Chrissie-bell

    How do you make it ??!! put ingrediance on NOW!! Its amazing, i love it, please can i have it??!!

    • Chrissie-bell

      are you in america, or do you operate in the UK?

  • Devan