Halloween Party 2010 – Dessert Table

Halloween Party 2010 – Dessert Table

You may recall my previous post about wanting to throw a Halloween party this year. Unfortunately, with our anniversary on the 12th, turning 30 on the 26th, going to school on the weekends, and tons of cakes in between, I literally had zero time to throw a party. LUCKILY my friend stephanie decided she wanted to throw a Halloween party and kindly invited me to construct an epic dessert table to accompany the festivities. SCORE!

Our inspiration was the layout from Good Housekeeping’s spread

Stephanie loved the use of limited color palette for a chic and more refined table. I love her choice for the purple backdrop! I think it really makes the whole table pop and is a little unexpected

Steph’s hubby made the moon. Very realistic and was a great backdrop for the pumpkin tree

Chocolate cupcakes with ganache and white chocolate spiderwebs and sugar pumpkins

Angel food cake, ghost cake pops and halloween macarons in apothecary jars

These are red velvet cupcakes with sugar shards and piping gel blood. These were my favorite things from the table! I especially enjoyed cracking the glass and making the shards and then stabbing them into the cupcakes!

The candy apples were sooooooo delicious! I chopped them up so people could eat them more easily but I must say, I may have had one or 7 slices all by myself. They were red hot flavored! soooooo nom nommy!

Watch out! Liz with a knife!!!

Dan and I went steampunk of course! I modeled my outfit off the inspirational costume I featured in my last post. Not AS cool as this one but I’m working on it for Steamcon! Gonna be even better in a few months!

My hubby liked his hiar-do so much he actually decided to do it like this every day! I’m all for it!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Photography by Elizabeth Marek and Stephanie Conn of Vivid Moments Photography All Rights Reserved

  • Debra

    Hi there
    Just wondering how you made the sugar shards for the red velvet cupcakes. Including how you coloured them red.


  • Lisa

    How did he make the moon?? It’s perfect!

    • http://artisancakecompany.com Elizabeth Marek

      He painted it!