Buddha Cake

Buddha Cake

Got this last minute order from one of those great boyfriends who go all out for their girlfriends birthdays and buy them a really special cake :) I love those guys. You give guys a good name. Anyway, on to the cake!

This cake didn’t have to be a big one since it was only for the two of them (awwwwww) but it still needed the wow factor! Only requests: Buddha, frog, awesome. Coming right up!

The buddha was made from a nice big rice cereal treat covered in white modeling chocolate. This was extremely fun to “sculpt”. All the little features and nuances on the face really came together nicely.

I’m not sure of the story behind the frog but he sure is cute!

This cake was also a last minute cake order. I had to get a lot done in only two days but I made it work! The base of the buddha was the actual cake. A white cake with a light lemon french buttercream. I decorated the base with a marbled green fondant and molded plaques to look like jade decor.

I really enjoyed making this cake and I hope the lucky giftee enjoyed it just as much!

If you are looking for a personalized specialty birthday cake, give me a call! Our base price is $100 for a completely custom cake that will feed up to 10 people!

  • Sara

    Very nice, I have been asked to make somthing similar , will you post a tutorial ? Which modelling chocolate do you use and where did you buy the moulds
    Thanks a lot

  • maria

    can I have the recipe of the cereal budha? do u sculpt by your hand or used a mould? thanks

    • artisancakes

      I don’t have a certain recipe, I just combine melted marshmallows with rice krispies and then let them set up a bit before molding. I do it by hand :)

  • katy

    your buddha cake is awesome! :) the frog is actually a symbol for money frog. chinese believed that if you fed the frog money, your business will thrive. :)

  • http://www.karrensspecialtycakes.com Cameron and Karren

    Karren and I both said “WOW” in unison! WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! “He makes me happy” – Karren

    • http://artisancakecompany.com Elizabeth Marek

      yay that is a good reaction! The girl who got this cake really liked it too :-D Double win!