Best Friends Baby Shower Cakes

Best Friends Baby Shower Cakes

This is my awesome friend Shawna and her awesome hubby Spencer

They are so in lurve <3

This is my other awesome friend Kenzie and her Hubby Casey (also their adorable daughter Makaley )

They are soooo in Lurve <3

Kenzie and Shawna are best friends and they are both preggers!! (Shawna with her first, Kenzie with her second)

How awesome is that!

So what do you make for your friends baby showers? Two awesome cakes of course (are you counting the awesomes??, ok I need more sleep haha)

ANYWAY, here are the cakes I made. The first is for Kenzie since her shower was first. Her and Casey decided to wait to see what gender they are having so we had to go gender neutral here. I decided on a big stuffed teddy bear with a polka dot blanky in the colors from her invitations (brown and green).

Cute little cupcakes in the background!

For Shawna’s cake, I decided to go with a sweet little crib cake I’ve been wanting to try for a while now!

The crib is made of white modeling chocolate, the cake is white with lemon and covered in pink, white and brown fondant to match her cute invites.

Shawna and Spencer are having a little girl and they have named her Peyton Grace. Such a pretty name!

I also included a little pink pillow and a brown bear as the finishing touches.

I am super excited to be meeting these two precious bundles! They’ll be here any day now! Congratulations to both families :) You.are.AWESOME :)

  • MacKenzie Hadder

    Liz! You did such an amazing job on both our cakes, thank you SO much. I hadn’t realized you wrote about us on your blog until last night when Steph said you did… So i had to come check it out!! I can’t wait for you to meet these babies either. Thank you again for making our cakes and making our days that much more amazing. :) Loves!!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I am SO happy for you and Shawna! You are already a great mom and she is going to be an awesome one too! I hope all is going well with your moving and you enjoy your Thanksgiving! Much love!

  • Stephanie Conn

    Both women and both cakes are oh so very cute! What a fun time for them to be preggers together. Shawna and Kenz, you are both glowing! It has been fun to watch the bellies grow :) Love to you both!