40th Birthday Cake – Road of Life

40th Birthday Cake – Road of Life

I had the task of making a birthday cake for a client who’s husband was turning the big 4-0! She wanted me to incorporate a lot of elements from his life as well as important events. Kind of a tall order to incorporate so many seemingly disconnected elements into one cohesive cake. I decided to go with a “Road of Life” theme and make the different elements into road signs and billboards along the road. This was the inspiration cake she sent me…

I didn’t think the road looked very good and the details were a little rough so I suggested we do a carved cake with a spiraling road and add in a lot of details of their kids, pets, hobbies and of course, important milestones!

The final result was great and I was very happy with how all the different pieces fit together to make one awesome birthday cake!

All the billboards were hand painted with food coloring on sugar paste to get that classic billboard look. I especially enjoyed painting their doggies. So cute!

The client also provided me with some photos of their 3 children to incorporate into the cake.

I also painted a couple scenes onto the sides of the cake to represent the birthday boy’s love of fishing and golfing

I really wanted the road to be realistically going up the hill so I carved each tier carefully so that the road would spiral up the cake in a natural way. The view from the top was my favorite :)

  • tina james

    the cake looked great. how much did you charge for it?

  • Yazmin

    Wow this is so nice, very creative….

  • http://www.carolinescakecompany.co.uk Caroline’s Cake Company

    Wow! This is amazing, love the shape of the cake and the road it brilliant!