Seattle Cakes!

Seattle Cakes!

I’m getting old and I’m on my way to my first bad birthday milestone. The big 3-0! So my hubby is whisking me off to Seattle today and tomorrow to drown my sorrows in the big city air. Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world! I can’t wait to see what delicious treats await my arrival :)

I wish this cake was mine but It’s from a talented designer on Cake Central I love the treatment of the space needle. Very cool idea but I wonder how she managed to get that top tier stable!

To commemorate this trip I thought I would do a blog post on some talented Seattle decorators. I’m hoping to visit these places on our trip in between whatever the hubster has planned. Gotta check out the competition right?

I have seen the work of The Peoples Cake all over food network and the internet and I really admire their creativity and one of a kind cakes!

Next stop, Mikes Amazing Cakes! I cannot wait to go to this shop. While not technically in Seattle, it’s located in Redmond but Mike is one of my cake idols so I def need to stalk this shop while in town. His cakes are so clean, so detailed, so PERFECT! You would be hard pressed to really find any bakery in the US that can compare honestly. He really is in a league of his own.

When I get back I promise to post pics of the tasty treats I find while in Seattle! If you have and suggestions of bakeries I should visit let me know!


If you are interested in a specialty cake  or wedding cake in the Portland area, give me a call! We are now taking orders for 2011 and slots are filling up fast!

  • Mia Bermea

    Wish I knew of you when I got married or for any of the other many events we’ve ordered custom designed professional cakes! You would put our events over the top… No time like the present to start using the best!!!