Lime and Lace Wedding Cake

Lime and Lace Wedding Cake

This cake was based off of a lace pattern the bride gave me.

At first I felt the pattern was so intimidatingly detailed, I thought “how am I ever going to get all this detail on this huge cake!” But like every project, you just have to break things down into levels and it comes together. This pattern actually worked great for the cake and looked very elegant in the end.

I love the colors the bride chose. They were modern and traditional at the same time and they were really unique! The addition of some green carnations at set up finished off the cake perfectly.

This cake was delivered to the beautiful Gray Gables Estate in Portland, Oregon

  • Jenna

    Wow that design would have totally intimidated me too! But you of course are an artist/genius, and do extremely well under pressure! I think the outcome on the cake is extraordinary! Could not have been done better!!

  • Stephanie

    The first thing that I noticed and loved about this cake was the bottom. I love how the three tier cake sits on the smaller 4 :) Very creative!! I am a sucker for the colors too… brown and green were my wedding colors too, as you know!

  • Devan

    So gorgeous! I absolutely love it. It reminds me of Molly’s wedding colors. This is gorgeous…Im a sucker for the detailed pipping…and you my friend are awesome at it!