Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today I married my best friend and partner in design (and video games, and comic books, and dancing etc etc). I thought I might relive a few of those wonderful moments from our awesome wedding at the McMinnville Grand Ballroom in McMinville Oregon. It feels like it was just yesterday and yet, a lifetime ago. I love you my hubby and I look forward to many years of laughter, love and geeky wonderfulness to come.

When dan and I became engaged, I had a dream about our wedding. I dreamt I was walking down a long hallway towards two large white doors. I open the doors to a large ballroom with lots of hanging lights and a rich golden brown floor. All my friends and family are waiting for me and through the crowd, I see my smiling hubby waiting for me. Previously, I always imagined myself an outdoors wedding type of girl but I decided to look at ballrooms just for fun. The first ballroom I found was the MGB and we both knew it was the place we were meant to have our wedding. It was the easiest part of the whole planning process.

The weekend of our wedding, we rented a house out in McMinville overlooking the valley  for all the girls to get ready as well as for wedding photography. The sun was bright and warm and the light was like that dreamy kind of light you get on a really nice day at the beach. It was perfect.

Our colors where black and cyan and the boys looked so handsome in their tux’s but none so handsome as my hubby to be

Groomsmen or NINJAS???

I could not have made it to this day without my team of girls! Friends and family are so priceless and I am so blessed to have such talented and gorgeous ladies in my life!

I wore a fresh gardenia in my hair and never felt more beautiful or happy. Every time I smell gardenia’s now I think of that wonderful day surrounded by friends and family. All the weight of planning and worrying behind me and nothing but love and the future in front of me.

Dan and I designed almost every aspect of our wedding from the arch to the cards on the favors. It was a LOT of hard work and long nights with the x-acto knife but we really felt like in the end, the wedding was a piece of us and knew it was something special.

The yellow rose was on a table behind the alter. It was for my mom who isn’t with us anymore but I wanted to feel like she was there on this day. Miss you mom.

Birds where part of our theme so we tried to incorporate them everywhere. Our talented friend and groomsman even made us a great wedding slideshow that incorporated the birds in the title and made them look like they were flying. So cute!

The wedding cake was very simple and no I didn’t make it haha. I was forbidden by the hubby so I didn’t care much about the cake if I wasn’t going to get to make it! I did however make our topper out of mini munnies and still have them sitting on my desk as reminders of that awesome day!

Thank you to all our friends and family that helped so much on this day. There are all those little things like hanging the paper lanterns or stringing the lights that take time and everyone really stepped it up to make our day so special and so memorable. I love you all so much.

Thank you to Andy Huynh Photography and Vivid Moments Photography for capturing our day perfectly

  • Dan Marek

    Happy anniversary Liz! It’s been a great 2 years… I’m looking forward to another 80 together.

  • http://trademark-name.livejournal.com Trademark registration

    Fantastic cakes!! Do you have us what is the base recipie ? Mine never turn out like that

  • http://www.yourvividmoments.com Stephanie Conn

    Liz and Dan. It was so amazing to be there to witness your love becoming a union. You are two of my best friends and seeing you marry each other was just plain awesomeness! :) I had a blast taking some of your photos too, thank you for that opportunity. Love you both!!!