Chandelier Wedding Cakes

Chandelier Wedding Cakes

I have always been amazed by the chandelier wedding cake. I have no idea who invented this ingenious idea that literally flips the idea of the wedding cake upside down!

Look at this beauty from Judy’s Cakes! She shows step by step photos on her blog and was even published in Cake Central Magazine! I am not surprised, it’s an amazing cake!

Where in the world did she get this stand? Must be custom!

Nice detail of one of the tiers

Love this lighted version. The crystals really bring in the “chandelier” feel. So beautiful.

(I don’t know who made this beauty so if you do, please let me know so I can credit them!)

Look at these amazing cakes from Positively Province! Not only upside down but they glow in the dark too!!! Tricky tricky!

With a theme of turning the catering world upside down, Provence Catering debuted their upside-down Wedding Cake Trilogy. Executive Sous Chef Rocco and Executive Pastry Chef Nicole combined their considerable talents to defy gravity with three beautifully decorated wedding cakes seemingly suspended upside down in mid-air. Each cake was a different size, shape and completely¬†edible. Chef’s Nicole’s award-winning wedding cake is always delicious.

It seems that these cakes are suspended by magic! I mean, its hard enough to get your cake to not fall over right side up! This seems like an impossible feat to the untrained eye but really its just an really cool cake stand! This one is from They are experts on tricky cake stands!

What is even crazier to me is the upside-down cake! To me this is just odd visually because it really seems like it’s about to fall over! But you do have to respect the skill it must take to do this type of thing! Check out this awesome retro design from Ally Cakes

I think the topper really makes this cake. It’s almost sculptural. Very elegant!

This “chandelier” cake has been copied about a million times but I think you can see why

Ok so I know this isn’t a REAL chandelier cake but I just had to include it because its just so beautiful with the little butterflies and the mini cakes :)

I really need to make this chandelier cake one of my next projects. I actually had a hard time finding good examples of chandelier cakes on the web! Really? I though you could find ANYTHING on google these days! Guess I’ll have to make my own examples :) Any brides out there want a chandelier cake for their next wedding let me know! I’ll cut you a deal :-D

  • Paula Smith

    I have bought the cake stacking stand. I need to know where to get the chandelier peaces. Can please tell me where my wedding is in July of this year

  • Felicia Lindsey

    OH MY GOD!!!!! Absolutely beautiful and very unique!!! I love it!!!

  • AmYvonne

    This is absolutly amazing! I am in awe!

  • Stephanie Conn

    I have NEVER seen a cake like this. Amazing! It is really tricky to the eye for sure. Maybe we should do one for the Halloween party?? It’s sort of an ‘out there’ holiday…right? :) Super fun and interesting post Liz, loved it!