Alice in Wonderland Specialty Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland Specialty Birthday Cake

I LOVE me some Alice in Wonderland! I love the whimsy, the nostalgia, the creative story line! The book was one of my favorites growing up and I really adored the illustrations. I would love to do an Alice cake based off the classic illustrative style rather than the current Tim Burton style or even Disney version of Alice. Alice has been done and re-done so many times because people just love her and I admit, I am one of those people. I have done a few Alice cakes now and I love every one. They are always different but wonderful in their own way.

My most recent Alice in Wonderland themed cake was by special request for a very lucky one year old. They went ALL OUT and the cake was about 3 ft tall and taller than the birthday girl!

The teapot was a funfetti cake and covered in a combination of fondant and modeling chocolate for the spout, handle and teacup. The details were painted on with food color.

The hat was a a vanilla cake with alternating green and white stripes inside. Wish I would have had a photos of them cutting into it! The roses are made of fondant as were the kid gloves and pocket watch. While I was making this, I kept thinking in my head “You’re late! you’re late for a very important date!”

The mother was very specific and wanted a large table top scene with lots of dishes and plates like a crazy tea party scene come to life. She provided all the cute figures except for the cards which I made out of fondant. The dishes were made of modeling chocolate.

Just in case 3 feet of cake isn’t enough for you, we also have 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla Alice themed cupcakes with toppers. All made from modeling chocolate and I particularly loved how the little cake slices turned out. I may have eaten 1 or 5 :)

I can’t imagine the sugar rush everyone was on after this cake was cut into! Here is a cute photo of the birthday girl (in stroller) and friends in front of the epic cardboard cutouts.

Happy birthday Mary-Jane! I hope you enjoyed your cake and I hope I get to make many more of your birthday cakes  in the future!

  • Ana D Sanchez

    How much did u charge for this ???

  • http://google Alaccia Pittman

    I love the Cake and Cupcake idea. I am planning my wedding and our theme is alice and wonderland tea party and this idea is perfect I love it. this idea helps to decide to wedding cake designs.

  • denise

    AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW i want that now

  • Renee Bezuidenhout

    HI there, WOW, this is really a very good job… Well done!!!