Halloween Party 2010?

Halloween Party 2010?

For some reason I feel really amped up for Halloween this year! I really want to do a nifty dessert table with a specialty halloween cake and really cool sweets like some of these I’ve seen around the web-o-sphere…

Amy Atlas is sooooooo talented and really knows how to pull a table together! I think it would be super fun to do a table like this as the centerpiece for the party!

Seems like real success comes from a limited palette of colors. I really dig the purple/black/silver theme but it seems like you pretty much HAVE to do orange but maybe just as an accent??

I love the lightness of this spread from Good Housekeeping. Its very Halloween but not too dreary or gross. I would dare say even sophisticated!

I’d REALLY like to just DECK the table out with tons of custom cakes and specialty treats that all my guests can just enjoy all night long. I think some spider web cookies, “blood” punch and maybe even some grave stone pastries might be in order. My brain is working over time so I whipped out the ipad to start sketching up some layouts..what do you think?

now…what to dress up as!??

I’m thinking something steampunk :)

  • Michelle

    What program are you using on your iPad to do that sketching. It is great!

  • http://lending.stemmed.sagrado.edu/ Tina Long

    My kids are very excited… only 28 days until Halloween…

  • http://www.yourvividmoments.com Stephanie Conn

    The spread from Good Housekeeping is my fave! I love how bright it is :) You could totally make and pull something like that off at your party! Oh, and a steampunk costume… yes!

  • Dan

    Those dessert tables look awesome. I really like the steampunk look too!