Car Engine Grooms Cake (aka the BEAST!)

Car Engine Grooms Cake (aka the BEAST!)

This is a model of a 427 Chevy big block engine (I sound really smart but I just read the label haha) A very special order that came to me from the lovely Kristina and her then fiance  Jim. Jim is a mega car buff and even works in the industry. So of course a replica of his beloved car’s engine was in order for his grooms cake. They even had this snazzy model made for me to work off of! Let  me tell you, that is extremely helpful when you know as little as I do about car engines (little meaning zero! haha!) I have to admit, I may have played with the model a little too much. What can I say? I’m amused by shiny objects :-D

Model Engine for Grooms Cake from Elizabeth Marek on Vimeo.

So enjoy these pics of the car engine cake. One of my favorite specialty cakes to date! The first is with the model to kind of get an idea of scale. I would say it was near life sized to an actual engine! It weighed well over 100 pounds and was packed with delicious cake (german chocolate, chocolate explosion and yellow cake with fudge filling) The headers, air filter and some other parts that I don’t know the names of were made from rice cereal to ATEMPT at not making the cake any heavier!

I knew there were going to be a lot of car buffs around at this wedding so I really wanted to make sure and get as many details as accurate as possible! I didn’t get to deliver this cake but my lovely assistants tell me that the buffs were indeed impressed. Mission Accomplished!

I could be wrong but I think this cake may stand out a tad next to that wedding cake (which I did not do btw)…no? Maybe it’s just me haha. Check out the back side. Too bad the fan doesn’t turn when you turn that cog! Maybe next time :)

This is from the bride via facebook:

Your cake was amazing!!! All the car guys loved it. Jim was so excited when he saw it. And just for validation….that thing WAS a BEAST!

Congratulations Kristina and Jeff! I hope you enjoyed your grooms cake as much as I enjoyed making it!


  • brooke

    Id love to have the engine cake as our wedding cake on Feb 18 2017 if you could email me as to where i could get it done at and how much plz and ty nyfrogger86@gmail,com

  • sally

    what did it cost how do you order

  • nicole

    hey i am interested in the engine i dont know where your located but i am interested in this and want to know prices

  • Linda C

    This cake is absolutely awesome. Can you share a few pointers or hints? A friend wants this cake for their wedding and I wouldn’t know where to start.
    You are very talented!!!!

  • Brieanna

    This cake is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! My fiance wants something exactly like this. His only specification is that it must be a “454 Big Block”. I wish there was someone here in Louisiana that I could find to make it. Anyway, it’s beautiful!!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    hi I really enjoyed looking at the engine cake and was wondering where did you get the pan to make that..i have been searching and searching for this pan..

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I didn’t use a pan, this cake is sculpted and was VERY large :)

  • Debra

    What would you charge to make a Nissan SR20 twin turbo motor cake????

  • kira Pringle

    This is the cake I’m looking for…. I would lovve to get one made exactally like it for my sig other… He builds these motors and would be amazed by it.. it would be for his birthday in July. what is the price of the cake if I may ask..

    • Elizabeth Marek

      where are you located at? Please email me for more information.

  • Trent B.

    That is the most amazing grooms cake I have ever seen.