MUSE Poster Contest Winner!

MUSE Poster Contest Winner!

Holy Canoli I won! I am absolutely shocked I tell you! You always HOPE to win and you always think “I deserve to win!” but lets be honest, we never ever win. It’s always someone who was more “out there” or more progressive or more cutting edge or just plain nudity and or violence. I really thought mine was good but not win worthy. NOT SO! I have the WIN! Here is a video of MUSE announcing me as the winner on Saturday when we got to meet them. They also signed my poster!

Now you may say, I overreacted but you have to understand the day I went through to get to this point. Devan and I both went to shop for new outfits, get our hair/make-up done that morning and planned on going straight from that to the MUSE event but of COURSE the freaking traffic on I-84 was totally horrendous and made us about 10 minutes late and then to make matters worse, MUSE actually showed up EARLY to the event. So by the time we arrived, they had already talked to everyone and were literally standing around waiting for us to get there. We were soooo scared they were just going to leave and we wouldn’t get to meet them. Gratefully, they were super cool and nice and so were all the other finalists and they patiently waited for us to arrive. This did not stop Devan from from parking in the loading zone out front lol. So we had all this crazy tension/anxiety/relief built up when they announced the winners. All I could do was just cry and let it all out. I still cannot believe it actually happened.

Check out that psycho smile! I think I felt my face crack  with happiness lol!

Then it was time for the group shot! That’s me with the drummer! ohhh ya!

Thanks to fellow finalist Darren for this photo!

After we met MUSE, we barely had enough time to check in to the Jupiter Hotel, go to dinner and meet up with the limo to take us to the concert! It was the craziest/hectic/most fun day of my life! What was really great is the driver let Devan and our other friend Elizabeth ride with us!

Here is the opening part to the concert. The first half is kinda long but they really built up the suspense! Freaking loved the effects of the whole show!

One more pic of me and the girls at the end of the show

The Jupiter hotel is the really hipster place on the East side. Our room was very trendy and we decided to take some photos in front of the backdrop. Going with the fancy, spoiled theme of the evening, we decided to pose as vapid models looking into space. I think we pulled it off well. lol

So I just have to wait for the radio station to contact me with info on picking up my awesome iPad and Autographed guitar! I am soooooooo insanely excited!

Thank you soooo much 94.7 and MUSE for giving me this awesome prize. I am seriously overwhelmed with honor and disbelief (if you don’t believe it, just watch the video one more time lol). I will remember this day FOREVER! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!