A little bird told me…

A little bird told me…

I got this fabulous order for some cupcakes the other day I just had to share. They were for this Ladies daughter. She’s turning 21 (exciting!). What does she ask for you say? Maybe some little cocktail toppers? Maybe some little “21” toppers? NOPE! None of that! This classy “chick” has a super smart daughter whom is studying to be a zoologist, so naturally she asks for some cute lil birdy toppers (her fave).

Special requests were for hummingbirds and swallows and the rest was up to me! I decided to go with some owls and blue birds (my fave) to round out the mix. The end result was some cupcakes with a cute factor off the charts!

Just look at those little toesies!

I used some gold dust (did you know gold is edible?) to add some shine to the hummingbirds head

I think the little blue birds might be my fave but they do remind me of another little blue bird…

  • http://thecoupondivas.blogspot.com anita

    what are the owls made of… are they easy to make i want to make them for my baby shower i like how they are 3D if you dont mind could you send me how you made them. maybe i could make them or do make them and send them to people? i live in california

  • Giselle

    They’re actually swallows, not sparrows. But still. Adorable. I love the owls the best <3

  • catrina

    First off, the owls are absolutely adorable! Is it just a hollow piece of fondant, or filled with something? These look amazing! Great job!