MUSE poster contest for 94.7 KNRK

MUSE poster contest for 94.7 KNRK

My good friend Devan from Nimbi Design turned me on to this contest for MUSE. Such an excellent contest! I haven’t had a reason to illustrate in quite a while and I even got my husband in on it. I spend a good 20 hours or so on my poster and I enjoyed every minute of it. The prizes are pretty dang sweet too including an apple ipod not to mention tickets to the concert! I really hope I win. You can see more entries and the rules by going to the 94.7 website.

This is my submission:

Detail of the face, yes apparently this looks a bit like me according to my friends but I swear its unintentional :-p

This is the design my husband Dan did. He is so talented! I love the reflection and the whole design!

The competition is EPIC but you still have till the 19th to submit your own poster! I have a few faves on there that I think are strong competitors including some personal friends haha so it’s been fun so far.

I will update in a few days when they announce the winner :) Wish me luck!