Gluten Free Birthday Cake

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

Nothing says “your cakes are awesome” like repeat business! I have this wonderful client who has been ordering cakes from me since the beginning of this adventure I call cake design. She always orders gluten free cake and it really makes me feel good that I can provide delicious desserts for clients who can’t have gluten. My dad is is allergic to gluten so I really understand how frustrating it can be to find desserts that are gluten free and still taste like dessert!

Her latest order was this lovely basket of pansies for her grandmother’s 92nd birthday. Her birthday is the first day of spring and her favorite flowers are pansies. I really enjoyed making this cake and tried to make it extra special for such a good client.

This cake is chocolate hazelnut and is very moist. It’s my favorite gluten free recipe because you can’t even tell there isn’t any wheat in the cake! It’s very soft and fluffy.

  • priya

    this cake looks delicious!!i liked its shape very very much!!!i wish that there would be more shapes!goood luck!