My Sisters Baby Shower

My Sisters Baby Shower

This is my lovely sister (the one on the left) and that other lovely girl is her best friend Jenna. Yes they are both 8+ months pregnant and no they did not plan their outfits or getting pregnant at the same time, that just happened lol.

My little sister Sharee is my best friend and we have always been very close. I have pretty much been looking forward to her baby shower my whole life! So when she and her hubby Jake announced they were preggers I pretty much started planning the shower immediately. When I found out they were expecting the little girl I was hoping they were going to have, I REALLY started going crazy with decor ideas. I am so excited for my new little niece Chloe Elizabeth (love that middle name haha) to get here.

Sharee loves natural tones (greens, browns, ivory) and isn’t a big fan of ultra cutesie pink girlie things so I knew I wanted the shower to be cute and fun but not princess pink and super girlie. Sharee is very fond of the modern elephant and giraffe motifs so we incorporated those colors and those animals into everything we could including the invitations and the cupcake toppers.

I love dessert tables and of course we had to have some sort of cake but Sharee is more of a cupcake fan. We ordered these adorable cupcake wrappers from and I really think they went well with the theme of the party. Along with the cupcakes, we had macarons, mini sandwiches, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, cake truffles, fruit tarts, turkish delight, bite size meatballs and salmon spread with crackers. There was a LOT to choose from but not a lot of leftovers so I think it must have went over well :)

Love how these fabric banners turned out.

For the game we played baby bingo where for every present sharee opens, you mark off a slot on the card if it matches. It was really fun but some people had a hard time taking a break from ooohing and awwwwing to mark off their cards haha.

I really enjoyed spending time with all the girls and just going gaga (oh ya I said it) over all the cute baby stuff. My sister is literally the most gorgeous expectant mother I have ever seen and you can tell by looking at her she is just so excited for her little girl to get here. I’m excited too :)