Happy Birthday Elvis

Happy Birthday Elvis

Today would have been the Kings 75th birthday. I grew up on Elvis songs played perfectly from my dads record player so I am truly spoiled. Even though I never saw the King in person, I will always remember watching his movies as a child with my family. The vision of Elvis’ perfect hair/smile/eyes in that military uniform from G.I. Blues will always be fused in my mind as my first little girl crush. What a way to start puberty eh?

Ya, that girl on the left? That was pretty much the look on my face watching except I was maybe two inches from the screen trying to hide the kissy faces from my dad.

In honor of the king, this post will be all about him of course but also cakes associated with the great king. May he live on forever through buttercream and banana flavors haha. Starting out with an Elvis themed birthday cake I did for my good friend Tonya for her 30th birthday.

Love this photo of Elvis with his very own rockin cake. I can’t really imagine what other type of cake you could possibly give Elvis for his birthday, except maybe a Crown or something :) Also, his hair is to die for.

This is by far my favorite Elvis/Cake photo. I just love the way they are looking at each other even though I am not quite sure how Pricilla can see through all that eye make-up! Still, a tender moment. :)

So happy birthday Elvis! I will never forget the impact you had on my life and the impact your music had on the world. You live on forever in our hearts and memories :)

  • Taneesha

    Even though I know little about Elvis. I still think he was a special guy. Nice looking as well… Oh yeah I’ am 22 by the way. So really I don’t know much about him. I just heard of him and how he makes nice music. oh wow I might just look up some of his songs on youtube…