Ganache Wedding

Ganache Wedding

This is a cake and a matching sheet cake I did for one of my January brides. I love how simple and clean the design is and just looks mouth watering with that ganache dripping over the sides.

The interior cake is Chocolate with chocolate mousse and a Red velvet cream cheese.

They also had two sheet cakes. The one pictured is a White cake with strawberries and bavarian cream filling. The other (not pictured) was a champagne cake with bavarian cream and a white chocolate ganache dripped over.

Matching sheet cakes are a great way to cut costs on your wedding cake and I highly recommend it. First off, the sheet cake can be cut ahead of time so that as soon as your wedding cake is cut, the sheet cake can immediately be served. Since most guests leave immediately after the cake cutting ceremony, this allows them to get some dessert and not have to wait for the whole cake to be cut.

Matching sheet cakes are also great because no one knows its a sheet cake! The decor matches the cake and its all the same on the inside and you reap the rewards of a less expensive cake. Great option for the budget savvy bride.