Cakewrecks wrecki-ness

Cakewrecks wrecki-ness

So I have been following the wreck-tastic blog I check their site every day and its like coffee for me. A good laugh to start the day off right. If you haven’t heard of cake wrecks then you are most certainly living under a digital rock and or don’t like to laugh.

So let me ease your pain and suggest you head over right way to check out some great professional cakes gone wrong on their website  like this:

So the lovely Jen Yates (creator of Cakewrecks) decides that she is going to put some of these awesome wrecks into book form and go on a tour (I scream in excitement) I immediately sign up for the Portland book signing and count down the days.

Jen announces that there will also be a cupcake wreck-lica contest for best re-make of a cake wreck. (woo hoo!) so I get to work and start going through the HUNDREDS of awesomely funny photos on the website and try to find one that that I love. Here are a few I considered:

All of the above photos LITERALLY make me laugh out loud but I feel they might be too difficult or too inappropriate to re-create in cupcake form (one of the rules) so I eventually go with this design because the wreckiness sneeks up on you…

This was my version:

Pretty good eh? I won FIRST PLACE by crowd applause! So awesome and unexpected! I won a SWEET carrot jockey necklace hand made by Jon (Jen’s hubby) and an awesome apron AND I got to meet Jen in real life which just rocked!

You can check out the rest of the entries and more photos on my flickr:

Keep on wrecking!!!

  • beth ryan

    omg lol this site is sick

  • Magicien Loire

    It’s a good idea, I adore it.

  • Devan Edwards

    You are also blogged about in her post! :)

  • Charity Marek

    Congratulations Liz!