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How to sculpt faces

As a child, all I ever wanted to do was draw pictures of people. I loved drawing faces especially. I spent hour after hour on details and never tired of it. When I decided to jump into the world of cake decorating, one of the first things I attempted was the figure. Let me tell you, it was not a successful attempt. After many years of practicing and playing and perfecting, I finally feel happy with my edible figures.

I put out some free tutorials on youtube on how to make figures because I was asked so many questions about how to make realistic figures instead of cartoony ones. I love sharing knowledge!

Check out the videos below for a few of my most popular tutorials. There are more on my youtube channel

I love that so many enjoy these tutorials but still, many have been asking for some added help on the faces. It took me years to develop the skills to create faces by hand without the use of a mold but that does not mean I didn’t wish I had one when I first started to help me get from Point A to Point B.

I decided to create a simple mold that can be used with my free tutorials to help you create great faces! The mold simply creates the basic shape for you to start with and my step by step tutorials will show you how to add the details like the eye lashes, eyebrows, etc easily. The mold is sized to work for cake topper sized figures.

Buy the Female Face Mold on my Etsy

Buy the Male Face Mold on my Etsy

Check out the step by step directions below :) Click on the image to download the full female face mold tutorial instructions

Check out the full Male face mold tutorial