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Check here often for my latest tutorials. Sometimes they are on toppers, sometimes it’s cakes and sometimes it’s just a nifty trick. Subscribe to my blog so you get an update when I post a new tutorial!

  • faith thomas

    Love your Facebook posts. I am interested in finding out more about your tutorials. Particularly chalk board techniques. Are your tutorials avail to long distance students.


    • Elizabeth Marek

      I have a chalkboard tutorial coming out on July 19th at

  • Lita Patterson

    You have some great cakes!! Love looking at them!

  • Lita Patterson

    Love your work!!

  • Jel Garcia

    Would love to receive any updates on your tutorials, cakes and tips please.




  • Cheryl Rosner

    I was trying to make your pregnant lady sitting and every time i tried to roll the legs the fondant would tear and crack,and just fall apart. What am i doing wrong? Should i make your mm fondant. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Its hard to say because I don’t know what fondant you are using. Make sure you are adding tylose to your fondant to stiffen it.

  • Lorena

    Beautiful work!!

  • marja van de Graaf

    Heel erg bedankt voor de duidelijke en mooie tutorials die je maakt.
    Heb je er misschien ook één van een staande bruidegom?

  • marja van de Graaf

    Heel erg bedankt voor de handige en mooie tutorials die je maakt.
    Heb je er misschien ook één van een staande bruidegom?

  • Karla sampson

    Niceee work!

  • Dawn Short

    Just beautiful!

  • Shagufta patham

    Hi I am shagufta from india .i am passionate abt learning fondent. I like ur work. Pls help me to learn new things.

  • Galyna Harb

    Beautiful cakes and thanks for sharing your amazing skills :)

  • Lilliam Prieto

    I’m alwzys looking for great tutorials from great artists. I love your work and would like to receive information about free tutorials.

    Thank you.


  • jacqueline

    Would love to see some of your free tourials xx

  • melissa morales

    Your cakes are beautiful!

  • Susie Charske

    Thanks so much for all your tutorials to help all of us! Amazing!

  • Ratika


    I would like to sign up to receive updates on your blog. Thank you.


  • Violet

    Found you on ig & I think you do some pretty cool cakes.

  • Carol

    Looking forward to see your blogs

  • Liz

    love your work

  • Hetal

    I am a fan! Love, love love your cakes, & tutorials. Thanks for sharing your skill!