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Tried and true recipes that I use for everything :) Feel free to share but do not reproduce for profit please :) Give credit when you can, that’s the nice thing to do. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always here to help! -Liz

Cake Recipe 

Rainbow Cake

Buttercream Recipe

Fondant Recipe

Modeling Chocolate Recipe  

  • Odeza Zambrano Epstein

    Hi Liz, i am from colorado and a rookie cake maker, I’ve been a fan of your work for a year now. And I must say that all the recipes in your tutorials are just simply amazing. Anyway, I have a question, I wanted to cover a cake coated with Ganache with LMF, but I am worried that because of the sharp edges, it might crack or break, can you please give me some tips about it. And I always wonder, is it okay to put the cake back in the fridge after covering it with fondant and decorating? Thank you sooooo much!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      No it won’t crack, LMF does not rip or tear and yes it can go in the fridge :)

  • Elizabeth Rowe

    I know you get so many questions and p.s in love with your work but i just wanted to know, I have a sculpted tiger that im doing for a special event and since fondant is so expensive, i wanted to use the same recipe that you used for the thread cake of the glowing tiger, i believe i have the recipe correct using a 50/50 ratio of your modeling chocolate and LMF. The question i had is how easy is this fondant to air brush on and how long do you have to work with it in your cake before it starts to crack or wrinkle. it looks like you had hours but im guessing you had to keep parts of the tiger in plastic wrap, in order to later on add more fur lines and detail, especially on the back of him. eagerly awaiting your response, its due in 3 days time. thank you

    • Elizabeth Marek

      LMF does not crack or wrinkle. I suggest you do a practice run with it before you use it on your cake if you’ve never used it before since it is much softer than normal. I would not suggest sculpting with a 50/50 ratio. My tiger cake that I did for threadcakes was cake, covered in ganache and then paneled with straight LMF and textured. You do not have to keep parts of it covered. It will not dry out.

      • Elizabeth Rowe

        Wow, thank you so much for responding!! I know how busy you are and didn’t expect a reply but only hoped! Thank you again and I’m glad you mentioned that it was straight LMF because I was about to start on him. You caught me in the nick of time!!! Thank you again for taking the time to respond. I’d love to send you a picture when it’s done :) so just to clarify you didn’t use any 50/50 ratio on your tiger only LMF.
        Thank you here is one of my recent creations though

        • Elizabeth Marek

          No worries, you can always post it to the facebook page :) Yes, straight LMF over the sculpted cake.

  • Majeda Abu-Shakra

    Hello ladies
    I did the Vanilla white cake but the batter was a bit runny I did not know the dry ingredients in ounces so converted to cups for single was 2 cups for 9 oz could you pleasegive me the correct measures in cups for the flour and sugar. Thanks a lot and your page and recipes are amazing.

  • Diane

    Liz, thank you for all that you share. I am soooooo new at this, but can’t wait to experiment with what I have learned from you.

  • sissy

    I made the vanilla recipe last night and I must say that it’s the best vanilla cake recipe I have EVER had! I have tried many recipes and was always disappointed, but I will search not more! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe!

  • mir

    I was asked to make marble cake. I was wondering if I could just use the vanilla recipe and hold some batter back and mix coco in it? If so how much batter and how much coco to use.

  • maria

    Hi I love your recipes but I’ve tried 3 times to make your vanilla cake recipe but it’s not coming out like yours, what am I doing wrong. I’m following your video step by step and it starts out good but ends up watery and looks curdled. I used room temp butter twice but I guess I will now try cold butter and would the milk make a difference? I’ve used 2% I guess I will try again with whole milk.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      It’s hard to say since I don’t know what the problem is. Most likely you are under-mixing. Cold butter will not work. During the first mixing stage, you should let it mix for a full 2 minutes or it will not be able to develop a proper structure.

  • Erica Grzejka

    Last question, if I can’t find the marshmallows you recommend is there another brand I can use? I’m not having luck so far finding any of the ones you suggested!

    Thank you

  • Erica Grzejka

    I just found your site and am very excited to try your recipe for marshmallow fondant. Can you tell me how this will hold up in humid weather and the heat. Not that I will have the cake outside, but for traveling? Also how would you store it and how long would it last?

    Thanks so much,

    • Elizabeth Marek

      It holds up just like any other fondant :) I live in Oregon so we don’t get a lot of humidity here but some sweating happens when you take a cake out of the fridge and is normal and doesnt hurt the cake

  • Kristine

    You are seriously talented! I LOVE your how to train your dragon sculpted cake.

  • Melissa

    Hello, you are amazing, thanks for sharing your knowledge, most people keep them a secret. One question, or 2… Do you use the fondant you make (marshmallow) for figures too? I tried it but it was too soft and wouldn’t stay like yours. Also my toppers fell apart when I placed them on the cake, my husband says I should’ve wired the whole thing inside but I noticed you don’t so it must’ve been something I did wrong. Any do’s and don’t when making toppers? I also noticed mine were really heavy and were standing figures so maybe that’s what it was…. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Yes I use my own fondant mixed with tylose powder. I have free tutorials on youtube on how I make them.

  • Robin Johnson

    I NEVER post comments, however I am compelled to let you know that your vanilla cake recipie is THE ABSOLUTE BEST EVER! Thanks so much for sharing this with us all! I’m looking forward to making the chocolate cake and the fondant!!!!


    • Elizabeth Marek

      Thanks so much :)

  • sandi

    hi from Australia! I love your website, you are so amazing..I am thinking about making this fondant but you are very specific about the kind of marshmallows to use…we don’t have that kind here…has anyone from australia told you what marshmallows they use and had success? I am particularly interested to know how you get your fondant to look so smooth when you do your figures, mine just look dry…is it the fondant? I am using Satin Ice.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I’m not sure what ones are available. If your fondant is dry and cracked, knead in more shortening. It’s like lotion for fondant.

  • allie

    When you stack cakes using your fondant.. do u butter the bottom of the cake with buttercream so it will stick to the fondant of the cake under it? I am trying the fondant for the first time with a two tier cake..

    • Elizabeth Marek

      you dont need anything to make the tiers stick together and you dont want them to. Cakes have to be disassembled for cutting and serving and to do that, you have to unstack the cake.

  • Jennifer

    I have learned so much from your tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I am hesitant about trying the buttercream recipe because I am not a fan of “raw” egg whites (yes, they are heated a bit, but still scares me, lol), but I am wondering, what frosting recipe do you use for flowers and such? I know you’re a “fondant kinda girl”, but surely you do some of that type of thing? Thanks again so much!!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I never make buttercream flowers :) I assume you would use some sort of piping buttercream like american buttercream.

  • Nicholle

    I have a question about your pricing, and how much each type of cake is priced….. I’m doing a project for one of my high school classes, and it involves us competing against a company of our choice, and i decided to do your company. I was asked to come up with an equation (for my math class project) and i wasn’t sure how you would put the pricing range into an equation for your Very Detailed Stacked Cakes? I was wondering if you could come up with an equation for your price for the Very Detailed Stacked Cakes category of cakes, and was wondering if you could reply ASAP.

  • Christy

    OK, so I have a question. I have been buying my cake flour at the store and it is sooo expensive! So I am looking into buying bulk and I found hi ratio cake flour. Is there a difference? Please help!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      My bags say hi-ratio as well, not sure why. Doesn’t seem to make any difference :) I buy mine in bulk from cash and carry

  • Rosie

    I am making your vanilla cake recipe but noticed that my cake flour I’m using the Presto brand states to omit the baking powder and salt because it already has it. Do I still use the salt and baking powder in your recipe? Thanks.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I dont know much about self-rising cake flour but you can always try it :)

  • Karen Gross

    Hi, have you ever substituted coconut oil for the shortening in your fondant recipe? Enjoyed your tutorial. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • marjorie

    hey I want to know if you can tell me how many cups in your vanilla cake recipe thanks because I want to try it this weekend thanks

  • Mary Lyka

    Hi :) I just want to ask if what can you suggest on how to make a new version of chocolate marshmallows?

    • artisancakes

      No idea hun, marshmallows are not my area of expertise :) I’m sure there are some recipes on google though :)

  • Hannelie Muller

    You are the BOSS!!! Thank you so much! I’ve been doing cakes for 4 years now and I’ve always used ready made shop fondant (it was all I knew), which tastes horrible in the first place. I always have problems with elephant skin and tearing, no matter how thick I roll my fondant. The fondant on my own wedding cake was so thick and hard that we broke the knife when we tried to cut it, all caught on video, was such a laugh. But I felt like an idiot that’s for sure. I am now doing my brother’s wedding cake and off course I don’t want that to happen again so I started doing research and I found you!!! YAY!!

    I cannot wait to try this recipe. Only two questions please:

    1) Can this recipe be used instead of gumpaste to make roses (I normally use the egg white, icing sugar and CMC/Tylose recipe but it is yellowish and I need it white)

    2) I don’t have a stand mixer – I know my hand one won’t work – would it be possible for me to mix it all with my hands or won’t it work as well?

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    • artisancakes

      wow you’ve been making cakes for 4 years without a stand mixer?? girl you need to invest! I bought several on craigslist used for $100. Anyway, yes you can make it by hand but it does take longer and you have to really really knead it and mix it well or it will not be stretchy. No you cannot use this in place of gum paste. This is not meant to get hard so even with tylose, it will always be a bit soft. Always use gum paste for flowers. but you can use this for figures

      • Hannelie Muller

        Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!!

  • Linda Sullivan Noddin

    Do you have a tutorial on how to do the birch bark look on cake?

    • artisancakes

      Sorry I do not