How to Make Delicious Scratch Vanilla Cake

How to Make Delicious Scratch Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake Recipe
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My Perfect Scratch Cake Recipe. The single makes two 8″ rounds or two 9″ rounds depending on your elevation and how full you like your pans.
    Servings Prep Time
    2 8" rounds 15 minutes
    Cook Time
    30 minutes
    Servings Prep Time
    2 8" rounds 15 minutes
    Cook Time
    30 minutes
    Vanilla Cake Recipe
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    My Perfect Scratch Cake Recipe. The single makes two 8″ rounds or two 9″ rounds depending on your elevation and how full you like your pans.
      Servings Prep Time
      2 8" rounds 15 minutes
      Cook Time
      30 minutes
      Servings Prep Time
      2 8" rounds 15 minutes
      Cook Time
      30 minutes
      Dry ingredients
      Wet ingredients
      Servings: 8" rounds
      1. Combine dry ingredients in mixing bowl.
      2. Add butter in small chunks and mix with paddle until crumbly.
      3. Combine wet ingredients. Whisk together with eggs.
      4. Add 1/4 of wet ingredients to dry until moistened, increase speed to medium high and mix for 2 minutes.This step is VERY important for creating structure. If you skip this step, your cake will fall when it bakes. Not mixing for 2 minutes on medium high is the #1 reason this recipe doesn't turn out.After mixing for 2 minutes, the cake batter will turn light and fluffy and lighten in color.
      5. Add 1/2 of remaining wet ingredients and continue mixing on low. Scrape bowl.
      6. Add remaining wet ingredients and mix until combined. After combined, turn speed up to medium for 30 seconds.
      7. Bake at 335º in a prepared pan for 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean from the center. Do NOT overbake.
      Recipe Notes

      For lemon cake: add lemon zest from 1 lemon. Omit vanilla extract and add lemon extract.

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      Updated version of vanilla cake recipe is now available on Sugar Geek Show.

      When I first started out baking and decorating, I had no idea what kind of cake to bake. I started out with boxed mix and had horrible problems with how soft and fluffy they were. Great for eating, not so great for stacking a wedding cake. Here is my recipe for the perfect vanilla buttercake that I use for all my cakes. I have adapted it to make other flavors as well like lemon or spice but the basic recipe is the same.

      This is what the inside of my cakes look like:

      The crumb is tight and melts in your mouth. This is what you’re going for. If you have huge holes in your cake, you are over-mixing and this can cause uneven rising. Plus it doesn’t look very good when you cut into it.

      Note: the method in this recipe is very very important. You must whip up the first portion of dry ingredients and liquid until your batter is light and fluffy or you will have a bad texture. I know it feels weird but you have to do it. This is what your batter should look like when you first add in the liquids, after you whip up the batter and then after you add the rest of the liquids.

      A single batch makes two 8″ rounds. Fill pans 3/4 of the way full for 2″ tall cakes or it can make two 9″ rounds that are shorter. It depends on how full you like your pans.

      I also chill my cakes in the fridge overnight so they are easier to handle when stacking and filling with buttercream. Chilling your cake is HUGE. Trust me, once you discover how easy it is to cover a chilled cake, you’ll never go back.

      • LeVanilla – Online Cake Shop

        Great cake recipe! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

      • Lory Husar

        I don’t see any instructions or comments on how to convert this recipe to use in a sheet cake or a 1/2 sheet cake.

      • Kristy Black Mitchell

        Hi I’m new at this could you please tell me on the 6 oz of butter how many sticks of unsalted butter I will be using or tablespoons. Thankyou

      • Samantha

        Hey girl! I love your vanilla cake after searching for years I was happy to find yours! I have a question… the last few times I baked it it came out perfectly nice colour and held its shape but it ended up being a little crumbly and dryer. Any idea what I may have done wrong? Should I be baking for less time since my oven is convection? Helppppp a sister out lol

      • Gloria Chung

        Hello Liz, thank you for this recipe. I love this vanilla cake!! However, some clients’ criticism is that the cake is a little crumbly. I allow for the butter to emulsify the dry ingredients until it looks like coarse sand. What might I be doing wrong? Also, I tried the updated recipe on Sugar Geek Show and I see that you omitted the last step of mixing the batter at medium speed for 30 seconds. However, if I skip this step the batter has lumps in it from the dry ingredients not mixing thoroughly with the wet ingredients. Your advice will be much helpful ;)

      • refilwe palesa Chilisa

        Hi can we have the recipe in metrics please.

      • Latoya

        I Love this recipe and it always comes out perfect! However I tried to add sprinkles because my kids love confetti cake and every time it changes the texture and doesn’t taste right. Is there any right amount or any way that I can make this a confetti cake for my kiddos? Or is it that I’m using the wrong sprinkles IDK? Please help I need to make them birthday cake soon!

      • Nancy Zhou

        Hi Liz,

        I’ve made this cake about 5 times and each time I notice that my cake shrinks a significant amount and I’m not sure how to fix this. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Here’s my process:

        Because I have 3″ deep pans, I make 1.5X the recipe amount. I develop the air in the batter by incorporating 1/4 of the wet mix into the dry and I let the mixer rip on speed #4 for two minutes (that’s when I get that pale white color batter like in your video). When it gets to that pale color, it is not as stiff as the batter is in your video, it is more thick, but my end-result batter (after I incorporate all the liquid) looks exactly like your end-result batter. Do you think my first mix is less stiff than yours because my butter is too soft?

        After, I prepare my pans by wrapping them with a damp towel around and put one flower nail in the middle (I also grease and flour the pans and flower nails). I bake at 300F for 1 hour and 8 minutes. I check for doneness by making sure the cake doesn’t jiggle anymore and let it bake for another 5 mins after i notice it doesn’t jiggle anymore. Then I slowly open the oven door and that’s when the shrinking starts to happen. At that point, I keep checking the cake for doneness until it’s ready (little crumbs on toothpick and internal temp of almost 210F). When the cakes cool, they shrink even more. I’m feeling a little disheartened but I really want to get this recipe down. Is there something in my process I’m messing up and should be doing differently? I’m attaching pictures of my freshly baked cakes.

      • Nancy Zhou

        Hey Liz!

        What height are your finished cakes when you use this recipe? Mine is 1.5″, but yours look taller. If they are taller, I should probably do the first mix longer to develop more air and structure.

        Thanks for the awesome recipe,

        • Elizabeth Marek

          If you want the cakes to be taller increase the amount of batter you are mixing. 1.5 batch will fill two 8″ pans to the top

          • Nancy Zhou

            Will do. Appreciate the quick response! For your recipes, do you usually use bleached or unbleached flour? (I mix my unbleached flour with cornstarch for cake flour but I’ve seen bleached cake flour in bulk which would be a heck lot easier to buy)

      • Christine Jacques

        Is it possible to use a substitute of eggs in this recipe? Like applesauce or any other.

      • Geletha Darter

        Since i started baking again i had been on a quest to find the most perfect moist vanilla cake…AND THIS IS IT! No special ingredients just TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE! In the video she says the cake is cloud like…this is no lie! I am so thankful to find you Liz!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I’m so glad you like it :)

      • Sylvie Barger

        Do you use this recipe for cupcakes as well? Or do you have a separate cupcake recipe? If so, I personally would LOVE to see a post about that!:-)

        • Geletha Darter

          I’ve used it for cupcakes…it’s perfect still!

      • Kristin L

        The cake came out looking perfect but tastes a bit like corn bread. I used Swan cake flour. Any ideas?

      • Johany Torres Maya

        I absolutely LOVE this recipe!! It is the best i had in a long long time, their is just no other recipe i have tried that compares!!! so thank you!!!

      • Sid

        Hi Liz,
        Thank you so much for this recipe! It is perfection.. Also, the cake batter tastes absolutely divine!! Followed the recipe exactly like in the video. The only substitution was for cake flour, which isn’t readily available where I live. 1 cup AP flour – 2 tbsp AP flour + 2 tbsp cornstarch. Worked really well:) Texture and taste were both great. Thanks for sharing!

      • Stephany Stephenson

        Hi Liz
        omg thank you ty ty…i looooove this recipe and how you explained it perfectly. Everyone who tried said it was amazing and moist. The basic ingrediets…no sour cream no buttermilk…perfect every time…ugh i can’t tell you how much i adore it.
        Can you pleeease share the chocolate version? or have I just not found it here yet?

      • Kate

        Is it important to have all of the ingredients (eggs, milk) @ room temp?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I don’t always but it’s a good idea because your ingredients are less likely to break the batter

          • Kate

            Thanks for your quick response! This cake is so delicious! It’s my go-to cake from now on, it melts in your mouth! Your book is now on order…I can’t wait to try more! Thanks again

      • Dorothy

        Hi Liz, I made this cake a few weeks ago and these taste was delicious OMG I couldn’t stop eating the batter however, the batter was thin and runny but it seemed to bake up just fine. I made the lemon version today and again the batter was runny and looked super curdled…I decided to give it a go and still bake it but when I got it out of the oven it was uneven, super oiley and the bottom was extremely dense and wet. I don’t know what I did wrong because I used a food scale and measured everything accurately.

        Any help would be greatly appreciated as I love the flavor of this cake!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Sounds like your butter was too soft and you added the liquids too fast so your batter is breaking.

      • S McLean

        Hi Liz,

        I LOVE this cake recipe I use it all the time!!! The lemon version is to die for!!!!! I have a question. I have to make a 3 layer 12×12 cake. I have 12x12x2 pans. How much batter would I need?

      • melissa

        hi I am about to try this recipe. I only have sunflower or olive oil would they substitute ok for the vegetable oil please? your help would be great thank you

      • Helen Leslie

        Hi can any one tell me how long does the vanilla cake last under fondent ? Giving me time to decorate !! Thanks love the recipes from the artisan cake company

      • Alice Rodarte-Gouldin

        Will a double batch fit in a 5 quart stand mixer?

      • ggdebgg

        we loved this recipe!!! I had no problems.
        could one add spice & chopped apples to this batter to make a spice apple cake, do you think?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          definitely! That would be amazing

      • Grammie Alice

        Hi Liz how much is the 9oz of flour and sugar no scale can I use 1
        cup and 1Tablespoon. Thank you

      • Jasmin Paredes

        Why does my cake stick on my pan? I spray my pans and it’s sticking

      • Lawrence Torres

        love the video on half sheet cake but how much batter do i need to make for the half sheet cake pan 12 x 18

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Triple batch of the vanilla cake

      • Grace Parcase Costa

        If I were to bake your vanilla cake in a loaf pan how long would it bake for? and it would make two pans or one?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Sorry I don’t know. I don’t bake my cakes in a loaf pan. I would recommend starting with 30 minutes and checking to see how much longer it needs to bake after that

      • Nicole Barrow

        Can you make this cake with buttermilk and would you need to add baking soda to the recipe.

      • Grace Parcase Costa

        I made your vanilla cake a few times and came out great – last time I made it there were wet spots what did I do wrong? also I let cook 10-15 minutes then I take out of the pan to cook on rack – but the top always sticks to the rack, I even spray the cooling rack but still some cake sticks to the rack is there anything I can do to prevent this?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I’m not sure what the wet spots are from, maybe some cold spots of batter or under-mixed.
          To prevent sticking, place a piece of parchment on top of the rack before you put the cake on it

      • Dan

        Gonna try this out right now for my wife’s Bday tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe!

      • JenniferG

        Hi Liz, thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us, I can’t wait to try it out! I have a question about the wet ingredients, are you measuring them with fluid ounces or “normal” ounces? I’m using the metric system so I’m just wanted to make sure which one to use for the conversion. thanks so much!

        • Sandra Sandra

          I remember someone else asking this and the reply was that it was normal ounces. I have used the recipe that way.

          • JenniferG

            Awesome, thanks so much Sandra!

      • Sandra Sandra

        Hoping you will see this comment!

        Since I first tried it out I must have made this recipe at least 9 times, trying to perfect it.
        This is no reflection on you – it is because I am a Brit ex pat in Spain, where we don’t get the same flour. Our flour is unbleached, (EU regs I believe) so acts differently.
        A little tinkering with the flour quantity has led me to believe that it is possible to get pretty close to your result, with the following changes.

        Changing of flour type and quantity. This was the only way I could get a decent rise on the cake – and get it to stay there when baked!

        10.5 oz of Flour for Bizcochos (Mercadona brand in Spain) instead of 9 oz of cake flour. I added one level tsp of baking powder but I may not have needed to. This flour already has raising agent in it. I also took the salt down to a mere pinch for the same reason. The flour has a protein content of around 9%, but is meant for cakes anyway.

        I had tried the recommended (in various places) option of subbing cornflour (cornstarch) for some of the flour, but that left the mix too low in gluten to hold up and the cakes withered on cooling.

        For those in the UK, I suspect that if you find a SR Flour with a protein content around 9%, it will be just like the flour I use. I would suggest omitting the baking powder to start with and only adding some if you don’t get a decent rise in the oven. For test purposes, I suggest using a half batch till you get it right. Once you do, this will become your favourite go to recipe, I can assure you!

        I made one today with chopped walnuts folded in at the end. I torted it and filled with icing, adding more nuts on top. Delicious!

        One note Elizabeth, it would be handy to have eggs by weight, since all sizes are not equal….:)

      • Sandra Sandra

        I made this a couple of days ago, just a small one (half batch) to try out. I’m in Spain and didn’t have the right flour so used bizcocho flour with only half the baking powder. I think I could have omitted it altogether. I flavoured it with almond extract. It is really yummy! Mine sank a little bit (too much raising agent I think) but it was still really good.
        I am planning on using it soon for a 3 tier birthday cake. It has kept nice and moist, without being greasy. Lovely, thanks!

      • Grace Parcase Costa

        liz I want to make a 1/4 (9×13) cake how much batter do I need?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          A double batch is perfect :)

      • Grace Parcase Costa

        Hi Elizabeth , I just baked your vanilla cake and I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful cake recipe. my cake came out perfect, the flavor was amazing the texture was perfect. I will not use another recipe I feel I have found the perfect one and thank you!!!

      • Gloria Chung

        Hi Elizabeth, I love this cake recipe. Would I be able to use it for cupcakes as well? Please advise.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I don’t like this as well for cupcakes because they bake up flat but some say if you do the bake for 5 minutes at 400 then reduce to 350 then they dome up and work well

      • Melissa Kar

        Hi Liz,
        I made the recipe tonight and the first batch came out good i think(it smelled awesome), it made one 9×2 and one 6×2 the batter was thicker so i couldnt get 2 9×2’s filled. They ended up being around 1.5″ high. Then I went in for my second batch and doubled the recipe and filled 2 9×2’s 3/4 high because i wanted closer to 2″ layers and was left with some batter, maybe enough to fill a 4×2 so i kept it to the side for my 3rd round, HOWEVER i realized 15 min into cooking the second batch that I completely forgot to add the baking powder, uggghh!!! I let it cook and they rose to the top of the pan, but as they cooled the shrunk a bit, so from that angle i think im ok. My concern thought is will it effect the taste and texture? I really dont want to waste them because i used a lot of product, but im making a double barrel cake and im not sure if it will be noticeable if i have 2 layers made properly and 2 that are missing the baking powder, what do you think? Thanks so much!!!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I am not sure, I would think it would affect the texture leaving out the leavening. The only way to know for sure is to taste them

      • Alice

        Hi Liz! Do you think I could add blueberries to your lemon version of this cake. Would it just need to bake a little longer or do you think it wouldn’t work at all? Thanks :-)

      • joanne

        This is what happened to me. Followed your instructions to a T. Could it be the oven was not hot enough at 335. ?

        • joanne

          Also, did I hear you say “I wish you could smell this MEXICAN VANILLA” ? Where is that in the recipe ?

          • Nilaakshi Kulawickrama

            it says vanilla extract on her can use what ever vanilla brand.i have heard mexican one are really good though.

            • Grace Parcase Costa

              it can be bought on amazon its amazing

      • Stephanie M

        I don’t think I can to bake this cake again. I just want a big spoon and to sit down with the bowl of batter. This is seriously the best batter I’ve ever had. I don’t know about the cake, because I just finished frosting and decorating my first one tonight, and I’m waiting for my wife to come home before I cut into it.

        • Adam Ammar

          your a lesbian i love you

      • Tieara

        This cake taste amazing thank u so much and I just the self rising cake flour and it was so fluffy

      • Tieara

        Hi, I was wondering if I could use self rising cake flour that’s all I was able to find

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I don’t think so, I think self-rising cake flour has baking powder in it

      • Dalicia Charneco

        Hi Liz,
        Sorry for the question and I feel silly asking but when the recipe is asking for cake flour is that the all purpose flour or the self rising flour for cake … This will be mi first time trying to bake your recipe and a newbie in baking.
        Thank you so much!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Cake flour is its own kind of product. If you are in the US then you can find it in the baking aisle, usually in a box

      • Ms jerlady

        gm! I’ve made this recipe for quite some time and recently every time I make it the butter breaks in the batter. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          You might be adding your liquids too quickly

          • Ms jerlady

            I’ve read that and have continuously slowed down how I’ve added it in. At this point not sure how much “less” to add it in…..thx

      • pearlywhite

        My first attempt was a failure. It didn’t rise and the base of the cake looked compacted. I’ve just tried making it again and this time, the cake turned out great! I wanted a taller cake so I baked half of a single in a 6 inch pan. It rose to 2.5 inches. Took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to fully cook through because I used cake strips. Liz, thanks for a great recipe. You are generous and awesome! I also <3 the LMF.

        • joanne

          My cake never really cooked in the middle, I won’t waste my time and products to do over again. Glad it worked for you.

      • Sally Little

        Hi Liz could I just ask,do you leave to cool in cake pans or turn out immediately? Xx

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I let cool for about 10-15 minutes depending on how big the pan is

          • Sally Little

            Ok lovely thank you I’ve tried twice now and tastes beautiful but only about 1″ depth when cool …. Need to get more rise x

            • Elizabeth Marek

              Make a batch and a half instead next time

              • Sally Little

                I will do that next time thank you for all your help and sharing xx

      • Donna Lisa

        Hi Liz
        Tried making your vanilla cake. Tastes awesome but even completely cooled it’s too moist to really handle
        What could have went wrong?
        Also. How do I know what number on my kitchenaid mixer corresponds with you receipe speed settings? ie… Low or medium high?
        Thanks you’re the best

      • Our Way Round

        Soooooo Ive tried making this recipe 3 times with no success…. BUT even though my cake come out all shriveled and flat it was the tastiest cake I have had period!
        So hopefully after reading some reviews I’m going to attempt it again today…This time with..
        Harder butter (think mine was way too soft)
        Adding less wet ingredients first
        Turning my fan assisting off and using it with out…
        Hopefully that will give me the perfect cake…Fingers crossed xx

      • Monica

        I made this as a lemon version and it turned out great! My family ate In silence and smiled after lol. I took that as real approval! Thank you so very much for sharing.

      • Krissy Sweeten

        What am I doing wrong????

      • Krissy Sweeten

        I’m really wanting to try this recipe for my sons 2nd b day party this November 15th I’m wanting to mk a rectangular cake that’s going to feed 25-30 people. Can I just adjust the serving size to 25 and use a rectangular pan??? Plus is there a way to confirm the measurements cuz oz just throw me off! HELP plz reply soon.

      • Nicole Barrow

        Omg this cake was amazing!! I made it for sons first birthday. This will be my new go to from now on. Thank you for being so generous and sharing.

      • Michal Jozsa

        Hi Liz, how long will the cake stay fresh if properly coated with buttercream? Thanks

        • Elizabeth Marek

          3 days

      • Melissa Paxton

        How many cups of batter should this make for the 2-8″ – cause I doubled it to make a 12x18X2 (4-8″ according to Wilton) and I only wound up with about 8.5-9 cups of batter and I needed 15-16 cups….Did I do something wrong or is just the batter rises really well????

      • Ashley Morrow

        Hi! I really love this recipe. How much batter would I need to fill a 9x13x2 inch pan?

      • Sheryl Hausman-McElwee

        Hi Liz
        I’m a big fan :) thanks so much for your generosity sharing recipes. I’ve baked this cake many many times. The flavor in incredible. I’ve had a few problems though. I absolutely mix the first addition of liquid for at least two minutes. Then slowly add the remainder 1/2 then the last half. I bake at 335 (using temperature Guage) and test with toothpick for doneness. Each time I believe I’ve got it right the cake does two things – it cracks at the top and once cooled slightly collapses. :( I don’t want to give up because I believe the flavor is lovely and texture could be perfect. Any advice?

        • Clare Lemus

          Hi Liz, I would like to know how to adapt this recipe for a 13×18 ” pan. I’m doing a filled birthday sheet cake but have never made this recipe.

      • Karla Pereira

        Hi Liz I followed your recipe but I when to look my cake in the oven and I looked so inflated I try to see what I did wrong and I see that the recipe says 4 tsp of baking powder for the single, came out good but I wonder is this 4 tsp is going to change the structure of the cake. Thank you!!

      • Karla Pereira

        Hi Liz I followed your recipe but I when to look my cake in the oven and I looked so inflated I try to see what I did wrong and I see that the recipe says 4 tsp of baking powder in a recipe of 9 oz cake flour

      • Lashema M.

        Hi Liz, I would like to try the recipe this weekend for a 1/2 sheet cake. What would the measurements be for the ingredients?

      • Melanie Harris Hokanson

        Hi Liz, Ahhhhhhhhhh!! For me, third time’s the charm with this recipe. I see that I’m not the only one who has struggled a bit with it so I thought I’d share my experience, for what it’s worth.
        The first time and second time I tried this recipe I found my cakes looked okay while baking, but would pull far away from the sides of the pan and sink down while cooling. The thing that kept me going is the flavor was SO GOOD and I wanted to achieve the texture you showed in the video you made of making this cake! I was determined! This last time it worked! And I think I figured out why. That first addition of liquid after the sand stage and before the “building structure” stage was just too much. I think I flooded my dry ingredients to the point where they couldn’t incorporate the rest of the liquid successfully, which meant my batter was thinner than it should have been. With just adding an ounce or two at the most at that very first addition, then beating for 2 minutes, then adding the rest of the liquid much slower than before (but like you do in your video) I ended up with a perfectly thick, fluffy batter and BEAUTIFUL cakes!
        Just thought I’d share for those who may still be struggling. Please keep trying, it’s so worth it! The texture and taste of this cake is heavenly!

        Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Liz. I am a (local!) fan and even though I am not an artist, like you are, I do love to make delicious cakes. You have helped me do that.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          fantastic feedback! Thank you!

          • Natasha Shan

            Thanks for the recipe Liz!

            I had a problem with sinking too, and two bakes in I haven’t been able to resolve it. I’m an experienced baker, so I’m assuming I just need to familiarise myself with the recipe. I also live in a very hot, very humid country, so it might be the conditions.

            I saw a reader baked baked her 6″ cake for 1hr 15m which seems long to me, but made me think perhaps I was underbaking mine. With the skewer test, they look fine, but did sink after.

            On to third try and will report back!

      • Jacquie Shelley-Lazo

        Hi Liz, I just wanted to tell you, thank you very much for your recipe. I tried it double batch for a 2 11″round and came out delicious and with great texture, flavor and moisture. I have to tell you though at the beginning once I took the cakes from the oven they looked very soft and when trying to put it in a cooling rack seemed that they were going to fall apart, but once it cooled completely it was perfect.
        I am wondering if I can replace the milk for any other liquid such as fresh squeezed orange juice and/or flavored orange soda, also if I can add chocolate chips and or strawberry puree. Please let me know.
        I would like to use this cake for my son’s second bday party this September coming. I really appreciate your response.
        Many thanks,

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Yes they are very delicate when warm but once they cool (The butter firms up) they are perfect :)
          If you want to make it orange flavored, I would leave out the vanilla and add in orange extract and fresh orange zest. Orange juice has a lot of sugar in it and might change the consistency. You can add in 1/4 strawberry puree per batch and remove 2 tablespoons of sugar. yes you can add 1/4 cup chocolate chips or nuts without changing the recipe

      • Michelle Catledge

        I came across this recipe while looking for a basic vanilla cake to add sprinkles to for my son’s birthday. The ounces threw me off a bit, but I just used the 4 1/2 oz = 1 cup conversion. I used all purpose flour as that is all I had on hand. I upped the vanilla to 1 tsp and used heavy cream to replace half of the milk. I only had 2% milk in the house. I added about 1/2 cup of rainbow sprinkles. The batter itself tasted delicious and the cake turned out perfectly. I baked it at 325 degrees for about 45 minutes. The cake is absolutely delicious. I topped it with vanilla buttercream frosting. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It is now the only one I will use.

      • Dimples

        Hi Liz I’m a bit confuse on exactly how much is 9oz of cake flour 8 oz is one cup but then I saw a conversion method stating 1 cup is 4 1/4oz can you share the ingredients in cup versions thanks in advance.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Please use a scale for this recipe.

          • Dimples

            Ok i never used a scale before is their a certain one or will any coking scale do

            • Elizabeth Marek

              Anything that shows lbs and oz will work

      • Nataly Yakovleva

        Hello Liz, Thank you for the recipe and video, it helps a lot! I am wondering what size is your mixer bowl? My is 5 qt and I felt this is the reason why I could not achieve the right thickness.

      • Monica Florea

        Hey Liz, just wanted to tell you that I made this recipe last night and it was amazing. I made the lemon version of it with the lemon extract and the lemon zest. OMG…it was so good. I made cupcakes and it yielded 18 cupcakes. I used cake flour and the cupcakes had the finest texture I ever tasted, they melt in your mouth. I baked the cupcakes at 335 and mine turned out with the dome which is what I wanted ( I probably overfilled the cups). Thank you so much for the recipe and everything you do and share with the world. I looooove your work! Your little one is so adorable! Have a great day!

      • Tracy

        I typically use extra light EVO when baking do you know if I stick with this oil will it alter the recipe? Also any suggestions on making a strawberry cake, just add fresh strawberries?

      • Autumn Nava

        Is this a good cake for under fondant? And Can I add strawberry puree to it, do I need to omit anything?

      • Ta Dah Cakery

        Liz, I made this cake yesterday and it turned out perfect! I will make some cupcakes tomorrow. The best I’ve made yet! I used a 9×3 pan for one batch. Thank you

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Awesome! Just keep in mind that this batter is formulated to be flat on top so it might not be so great for cupcakes if you want a dome. I have heard that you can make them dome by pumping up the heat in the oven to 375 for the first 5 minutes then dropping down to 335.

      • Janelle Roberts Hill

        Do you know about how many cups of batter the single recipe makes? I was thinking 3 or 4. It seemed slightly less than a box cake mix when I made it before.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I don’t know how many cups but I would bump this up to a batch and a half if you want really tall 8″ round layers.

          • Janelle Roberts Hill

            Thanks for the reply. I’m making a wedding cake, so your recipe and I are going to be good friends in the next couple if weeks. ;) thanks for sharing it!

      • Michelle Claire

        Dear Liz,
        Can i also freeze this cake? I am going to make my first weddingcake, but since i am also a busy pastry intern, i need to bake the cake a few days before the wedding.
        Thanks in advance!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Yes you can freeze and then thaw before use.

      • Jack Loganbill

        The milk, oil, and other liquid ounce measurements…are these by weight or measuring cup ounces? Thanks!

      • Dawn

        Hi Liz! How long does your cake take to come back to room temperature after being in the fridge overnight? And does it come back to the same fluffy softness as before refrigeration? Thanks! Love this cake!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          It just depends on how warm it is in the room but yes it comes back to the same texture if it is crumbcoated and covered in buttercream so it does not dry out.

      • Shannon

        I live in Sweden and we do not have cake flour. Can I just add corn starch to the flour or do I need baking powder as well?

      • Debbie D

        I made cupcakes with this recipe and they were delicious. I am going to try to make some cakes next time because I loved the taste and texture of the cupcakes. The recipe was easy enough to follow.

        • Tracy

          Did you get a dome on your cupcakes or did they stay flat? Did you bake at the recommend heat?

      • Dawn

        Hi Liz! Have u used this recipe for pillow shaped pans? Or giant cupcake pans? Basically, I want to know how it holds up in different shaped pans. :) Do u have any tips for making a tiered pillow cake? Thanks!

      • Clarice

        So I realize that 3.4 tsp is supposed to 3/4 tsp….but only AFTER I made 4 batches of this to fill a half sheet, tasted the batter and got really pissed. You may want to change the way that’s written. I’m not the only one who did this and I’m not a beginner baker (just off my game, apparently). Otherwise, great recipe. I’m excited about making it the right way.

      • Colleen Charles

        Does this recipe multiply well to make a 9 or 10 inch cake? Do you need to adjust any ingredients (bk. pw.). Truthfully I don’t do too many 8 in cakes and the recipes in cookbooks always make for a 8 inch cake. I use Magic Line 2″ pans. Thank you, Colleen Charles, SweetCakes and CheeseCakes

      • Colleen Charles

        Does this recipe multiply well; double or triple for 9 and 10 inch cakes? Do you have to adjust anything? Thank you. I love good vanilla cake because you can dress it up with so many things.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          yes it does because its by weight :)

      • Sarah G Brown

        Hi Liz – I love your cakes & recipes, thank you for sharing. The temperature you have given (335 Fahrenheit/168 Celsius) is this based on a normal or fan assisted oven? I have a fan assisted oven and normally have to the drop the temp by 20 degrees. Thank you

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I think a regular oven. Instead of dropping your temp, I might just bake for a shorter time

      • Denise Moore

        Hi Liz, thanks for your recipe. I am based in the UK and have tried your recipe but unfortunately I don’t think UK Sainsbury’s cake flour is the same as US cake flour, it seemed very light. Also when I added the butter to the flour, it got very wet and sticky and not like your crumbly flour mix. Are you able to advise what we would use as your cake flour please? Thanks v much.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          I am unfortunately not familiar with UK brands so I can only guess. You might have just mixed the butter and flour for too long or the butter was too soft.

      • Belinda Schatz

        Hi Liz I just made the vanilla cake recipe. I tasted the batter and it seems very salty. Is 3.4tsp right for an 8 inch size?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          yes that is right, did you use unsalted butter?

      • Susana

        Thank you so much for this great recipe. I have baked a couple cakes using your recipe and they came out perfect both times. The second time I drenched it with a simple syrup and rum mixture. Everyone raved about this cake! I think this will be my go-to vanilla recipe from now on.

      • Anna

        Hi Liz
        I followed your recipe but I don’t know what went wrong. Mine get very heavy :( by the way I used butter insted of crisco which we don’t have here in europe. THANKS

      • Myla

        Hi Elizabeth! Is the triple batch for a 12″ round pan (2″ high) and the double batch for a 10″ round pan (2″ high)? Thank you!

      • Kristine Aitmassaoud

        This cake is absolutely delicious…BUT…like the others, the cake is falling. I read your instructions carefully, multiple times and I watched your video twice :(. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I made 3 batches this morning. I am adding a 1/4 of the liquid for that really important step…maybe too much liquid?? I am also getting layers that are just 1″ tall (8″ Wilton).

        • Elizabeth Marek

          if they are falling they are under-mixed. If your layers are too short then make a batch and a half.

      • Cristina

        Hello Liz, Thank you so much for the recipe. It worked really well, very moist and delicios!!. I just wonder if I can use this recipe as my base for a strawberry cake, just add like 1/2 cup of strawberry puree? Any sugestion?

      • Memona Khalid

        Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried this recipe with 1 1/2 eggs and it was just out of this world. So moist and delicious. It is the easiest recipe ever. :)

      • Vivian Jackson

        I followed your “single” recipe to the letter, my batter was runny. It looks as if you have more than 9oz of flour in your bowl. Did you use more? This seemed like a good cake for wedding cakes, but it didn’t work for me.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          nope the single batch is 9oz. If your batter was runny then you didn’t mix it properly. You have to add in just a little liquid and let it mix for a full 2 minutes before adding in the rest of the liquid.

      • Jessica Varner

        I made 6 batches for a cake, all were crumbly. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I love the flavor of the cake though!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          undermixed most likely, make sure you do that first mixing for 2 full minutes before adding the rest of the liquid

      • Jessica Varner

        Thank you for the video! I was so excited when I came across it because I can NEVER get my cakes from scratch to come out right. Unfortunately I struggled with this one too. I had to cook the cakes for 50 minutes and the middles sank, I made 5 batches and they each came out that way. Do you have any insight on what I am doing wrong?

        • Elizabeth Marek

          either under-mixed or not baking long enough or temp is too low

      • Christine

        3/4 a tsp! agh, I did 3 tsp and a bit!

      • Misty

        How full should the pans be? My 8 inch pans were probably half full. It seemed a little low and I wondered if I got my measurements wrong or something. I used a scale.

        • Christine

          They shouldn’t be filled more than half way, half way is about perfect.

          • Misty

            I’ve always filled more and it said about 3/4 full on the video I think.
            Mine didn’t raise a whole lot either. Once baked shouldn’t they be about 2 inches tall?

            • Elizabeth Marek

              I fill mine 3/4 of the way full so they go all the way to the top. Depending on your results, you might need to make a batch and a half to have enough for two completely full 8″ pans.

      • Jeni Borrusch Pifer

        Aby suggestions in where I can find a conversion chart if if don’t own a scale and need to use measuring cups? :)

      • Diana Karina Rivera

        Hi Liz Love this recipe! if I want to make a batch and a half how many eggs should I use 4 or 5? Thank you!