Easy Buttercream

Easy Buttercream

Updated version of this easy buttercream recipe is on Sugar Geek Show.

Sometimes when I find a recipe that I like and tastes good, I will get so attached, I won’t even try anything else. Even if it’s a complicated recipe, I’m so loyal I will continue on no matter what. This was the case with my buttercream recipe. It was a traditional SMBC recipe (swiss meringue buttercream) that I learned to make in pastry school. The taste is divine but when making a lot of wedding cakes, it was very time-consuming to create multiple batches. You would have to dissolve the sugar in the egg whites, whip them up, let the meringue cool, then add the butter. Multiply that by about 10 batches a week and that’s a lot of time! I made my buttercream this way for 7 years! Until now.

I recently tried out a buttercream recipe by Lauren Kitchens using pasteurized egg whites. I liked the ease of the recipe but found the taste to be a bit too buttery for my own liking. I experimented a bit and the result is an easy, tasty, fluffy buttercream that is very versatile and takes a mere 10 minutes to make. No dissolving, no cooling. Just put all the ingredients and a bowl and go!


This recipe is great for piping too. Easily colors with food color gel. I like to use a piping bag and coupler with my tips so that I can easily change patterns. If you want the recipe to be a bit more heat resistant, you can add in a cup of hi-ratio vegetable shortening and that will stiffen the recipe up. This buttercream is perfect for using under fondant as well. I always do a nice clean coat of buttercream, chill in the fridge until the buttercream is firm and then cover with fondant.

Store this buttercream in the fridge when you’re not using it. Make sure you take it out a few hours before you need it to give it time to come to room temp. Re-whip before each use to restore that delicious fluffy texture :) Experiment with flavor oils for different tastes!

Easy Buttercream
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Delicious, rich and easy buttercream recipe that anyone can make. This is not a crusting buttercream. It is meringue based so it has a slight shine and chills nicely in the fridge. Takes 10 minutes to make and is fool-proof!
    Servings Prep Time
    8 in round cake 5 minutes
    Cook Time Passive Time
    3 minutes 8-10 minutes
    Servings Prep Time
    8 in round cake 5 minutes
    Cook Time Passive Time
    3 minutes 8-10 minutes
    Easy Buttercream
    Print Recipe
    Delicious, rich and easy buttercream recipe that anyone can make. This is not a crusting buttercream. It is meringue based so it has a slight shine and chills nicely in the fridge. Takes 10 minutes to make and is fool-proof!
      Servings Prep Time
      8 in round cake 5 minutes
      Cook Time Passive Time
      3 minutes 8-10 minutes
      Servings Prep Time
      8 in round cake 5 minutes
      Cook Time Passive Time
      3 minutes 8-10 minutes
      Servings: in round cake
      1. Place egg whites and sugar in a stand mixer (you can mix with a hand mixer too if thats all you have).
      2. Attach the WHISK and combine ingredients on low and then whip on high for 5 minutes.
      3. Once the meringue is light, white, fluffy and shiny, add in your butter in chunks. Add in vanilla and salt.
      4. Let whip for 8-10 minutes until its very white and light and shiny.
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      • Johan Marshal

        Hello! Can’t wait to try this recipe! I need a delicious buttercream https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/122d528dcdacb79c67907a2a7a275e8e363445553fd3c2712ffc6d2811beeb65.jpg that I can also color: with the butter meringue base, do I have to use oil-based food dyes or can I use regular gels to create buttercream colors? Thank you!

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      • Divya Taak

        This cake is so tempting. I will definitely try this birthday cake.

      • Maryann Smith

        I’m using your easy, no cook Swiss Meringue buttercream right now & I followed the recipe exactly. The frosting is smooth & silky but a little too loose for borders, flowers, etc. What can I use to stiffen it?

      • Dana Fidler

        Is this recipe firm enough to do roses? Thank you in advance!

      • Ram Gupta

        Hello !! All Your Recipes Are Awesome! thanks For This Awesome Blog!

      • Anand kota

        Tried this few days back surprisingly it was perfect for the first time itself.

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        Hi Elizabeth MarekHi nice post, thanks for sharing the healthy buttercream bread cakes , my children love them so much, Keep posting more recipes

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        Wow, Very nice cake.
        I can’t test it but i am sure I was delicious because it’s look awesome.

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        great cake perfect art fo the cake very happy for the design


      • allie

        How long in the fridge can I store this frosting?

      • Marcela Amaral

        Hi Elizabeth! I just wanna say THANKS SOOOOO MUCH for sharing this wonderful recipe! I tried for the first time and it was perfect! Really delicious! Because I was reading some comments here about overbeating the meringue, I followed your instructions and when you said to let whip for 8-10 min until white, light and shine, I decided to do it for 8 minutes. It was light and shine but not super white. in this case should I whip exactly 10 min then? What do you say? Once again, thanks for sharing it! I wanna just ask you something else…can I frozen for a month, for example?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          There isn’t a time limit, whip until it’s white :)

          • Marcela Amaral

            Thanks, Elizabeth!

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      • Cindi

        I love this buttercream but I’m so bummed that it didn’t work for me after four tries in a row. I don’t know if I beat it too high or too long after the butter was added or if it was the cocoa powder that I added but it was too soft. I couldn’t get it to harden. I love it too. I’m so sad. The butter was not too soft. I made sure if that. It all looked good when mixing but then it just went soft.

        • Dana Fidler

          That’s because this isn’t a crusting buttercream recipe! If you want one that hardens, so to speak, look for a crusting buttercream recipe!

      • Cindi

        When adding the cocoa powder for chocolate do you add it in the beginning with the powdered sugar?

      • reesy114

        I’ve dreaded trying this because I feared it wouldn’t come out right, but I’m so glad that I did. You made it so easy!!! And it is the perfect sweetness and so light and fluffy. I’ve never iced cakes so flawlessly until now! Thanks!!!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          That’s great! So happy it worked for you!

      • Michelle Sousa

        Hi! I absolutely love you and your cake and decorating tutorials and recipes. I’m a huge fan all the way from a small island called jersey off the south west coast of United Kingdom. I have a question, more of a clarification really. I know you use mostly ganache but I adore your buttercream. When you frost your cakes with buttercream, how do you make them looking so stiff prior to covering with fondant? Do you chill your cakes or freeze your cakes after frosting them with your bc, if so for how long?? I had a disaster week last week, I’m fine with ganache but buttercream is my worst enemy!!
        Can you please help?
        Thank you so much.xx

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Hi Michelle. Yes all cakes are baked, cooled, crumb-coated and then chilled overnight to harden the butter in the cakes. Then the final coat of buttercream goes on and is chilled again until hard. Usually about 20 minutes since the crumbcoat makes the final coat chill faster. Once it’s firm you can put the fondant on top.

          • Michelle Sousa

            Hi Liz, thank you so much for that, I shall be trying that again this weekend. I love, love LOVE you and your channel. You are so inspiring.xx

          • Michelle Sousa

            Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for clarifying that for me. Also does it have to be Wilton fondant, for this recipe to work?? Thank you once again.x

      • Pritesh Jain

        Thanks for such a wonderful cake recipe.. https://www.igp.com/cakes

      • Geletha Darter

        Just made this and it is great…pipes really well…very smooth and creamy unlike many buttercream recipes I’ve come across! Its a keeper!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek


      • Sara Bunton Powell

        Hi! I can’t cant wait to try this recipe! I need a yummy buttercream that I can also color– with the buttery meringue base, do I need to use the oil based food colorings, or can I use regular gels to create buttercream colors? Thank you!

      • Alix Nicholson

        I am absolutely obsessed with this recipe – thank you! It’s delicious, easy, and a hit every single time I make it. Is there a way I could make it into a white chocolate SWMC? I tried making a dark choc version by adding melted dark choc and I failed spectacularly (went very runny – serves me right for just winging it). Thanks!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          I have a white chocolate version (bomb-diggity buttercream recipe) on http://www.sugargeekshow.com

          • Alix Nicholson

            Thank you so much – I will definitely give that one a go, yum!!

      • Lucia Harpe Dawe

        I make this recipe all the time. This morning I just made a batch and it is really soft. How do I thicken up? I popped into the frig for a bit and hope that helps and then I will rewhip a bit. Just odd it’s so soft…like you could not pipe with it vey well. Help!!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Soft buttercream happens when the butter get’s too warm. You did the right thing by putting it back in the fridge to chill a little and then re-whip.

      • Online cake delivery in pune

        The presentation is superb……

      • Sylvie Barger

        Could I make this recipe with fresh egg whites? We raise chickens and I would like to use fresh eggs if I can. Thank you!:-)

        • Lea Wofford

          If you use fresh, you’d need to heat them, and then you would be making Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream. Using pasteurized egg whites takes out the cooking step.

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Yes but you have to do it the traditional way so the eggs are heat-treated. Look at the recipe Swiss Meringue Buttercream

      • Milena Reddy

        Nice blog …Cake looks good and the information what you have posted here is informative…. Thanks for your blog!!!Keep blogging.
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      • Tonya Hart Coleman

        This buttercream is amazing to use under fondant. I ice my cake and then pop it in the fridge to get firm. After it’s firm, I smooth it out even more. Those who have tasted it, loves! Thank you for this recipe and I think you’re an awesome cake artist!!!!

      • Lisa Morin

        This is a great recipe. Very tasty. One question
        please as I may have done something wrong, possibly overbeating the meringue? This last time I’ve made this, the frosting is very stiff with almost a slimy mouth feel. Still tastes delicious though. I’m also never able to get the frosting white which is why I beat the first step possibly too much. Any advice? Thanks for a great recipe and any advice!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          You can’t over beat this. The frosting is “glossy” and smooth. Maybe you’re just not used to that feeling?

          • Lisa Morin

            Thank you so much for your reply! It’s definitely glossy and much stiffer than softened butter. I wasn’t sure if I overbeat it. Takes a bit of time to melt in your mouth. Delicious though. Much tastier than American buttercream. Everyone loves it.

      • Issej Xilef

        Hello, the cup of high ratio shortening i add it to the original recepie or do i have to chance the amout of butter? Thanks

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          You can just add it

      • Candace

        This looks great and I totally trust all of your recipes. I’m similar about loyalties… I find something I like, and I stick with it. That happened with your tutorials and videos haha. Anyway, my son is allergic to eggs and I recently discovered how to use aquafaba in place of egg whites in a royal icing recipe. Do you think that aquafaba would work in place of the egg whites here?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Unfortunately I really don’t know :( I’m not familiar with egg-free recipes

          • Candace

            No worries, I like experimenting anyway! I’ll give it a try when I bake Valentine’s day cupcakes soon!

      • Roxanne Ferrance

        how does this buttercream hold up in the summer months? can it stay out for long? how long can it be stored refrigerator without using it?

      • The Bow Kitchener

        Hi. I hate this buttercream because I frosted several cupcakes with it for the love of my son who insisted we make green frosting; he ate one and I ate four within 24 hours. It is terrible. It makes you eat more and more, and you completely lose self-control with it. For the last two cupcakes I said I would just have half a cupcake, but I ate whole both times. It is also a bit shiny and frosts nicely, which invites you to eat more. I left the cupcakes on my countertop, and it was CALLING me each time I would pass by. The buttercream. (Okay, the cupcakes weren’t bad either, but the green thing was just mean.)

        On a more serious side, I just bookmarked it as “SMBC — This One!”. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. My scale will thank you forever. :) <3

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Haha I hate this buttercream for the same reasons lol

      • Joanna June

        Hi Liz…just wondering how to make your strawberry Swiss marangue butter cream? It looks so delish….

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Hey Joanna, I add in some strawberry puree and a little lemon zest super yummy!

          • Joanna June

            It sounds yummy..Im going to try…:)

      • Rafah Zannerni

        Hi Elizabeth

        How do I add chocolate to this recipe, please I’ll wait for your answer.
        thank you

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Just whip in a 1/4-1/2 cup of your favorite cocoa powder :)

          • Rafah Zannerni

            OK :) Thank you so much

      • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

        Hey Belinda! I will be in miami for the SoFlo show so I hope to see you there!
        It doesn’t really matter, just throw in the butter and whip it up! haha! If it seems a little soft, pop into the fridge for 15 minutes and whip again :)

      • Michelle Hrdlicka

        I can’t wait to try this recipe for my granddaughters birthday! One question, which may be silly, but are the egg whites at room temp or chilled in the refrigerator when you use them? Thank you!!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          I use mine straight out of the fridge

      • Stella

        To make this amazing buttercream chocolate how much cocoa powder would you add?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          About 1/4-1/2 cup cocoa powder :) so yummy!

      • Debra Gaul

        I made 3 batches of SMBC – the second batch turned out soupy. Is there any way to fix it?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Put it in the fridge for 15 minutes then re-whip

      • Shari Lee

        You said you can use 1 cup high ratio shortening do you need to replace any of the butter or just add additional shortening?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Just add to it :)

          • Jennifer Jennayy

            high ratio shortening …like the shortening of walmart great value ?
            or crisco veg shortening ma’am?

            • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

              High Ratio Shortening is a type of shortening that is different than crisco or cheap shortening. You can usually find it at restaurant supply stores or online.

      • Debbie Isgro

        can you use meringue powder instead of pasturized eggwhites

      • Debbie Isgro

        is this great to use for naked cakes

      • Sandra Sandra

        I used this frosting to fill and coat a 3 tier cake prior to covering with fondant. It did a beautiful job! I added some very tart home made lemon curd to flavour it for another cake – yummy!

      • Connie Charboneau

        Hello Liz,
        What brand of egg whites can I use?

      • Samantha Wright

        Hi Liz,
        I apologize, I realized that I have one more question. I am going to be using your buttercream on the bottom tier of a cake and your fondant on the top tier of a cake. I need to decorate the cake the day before the event because I will not have time to decorate day of. What is the best way to store the cake after I decorate it (it will be stored for about 24 hours). Is the best way in the fridge?

        Thank you again for your help and your amazing recipes!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          yes in the refrigerator then bring to room temp before eating

          • Samantha Wright

            Thank you so much for replying so quickly! Does it usually only take a few hours to get a cake back to room temp?

            You are fantastic!

      • K Warr

        Can a cake covered with this frosting and then fondant sit out for two days before it’s eaten?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          No. Please keep your food refrigerated if you’re not going to eat it within 24 hours

      • Markia Hunt Rozier

        Can you add vegetable shortening or hi ratio to make it crust. If so about how much?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          No you cannot, it’s not a crusting recipe

      • Samantha Wright

        Hi Liz,
        How long can you keep this buttercream for after you make it? I was practicing a cake that I do not need to make again for another couple of weeks, but have a ton of your amazing buttercream left. Is it okay in the refrigerator for that long?

        Thank you for sharing your amazing recipe!


        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Freeze it then thaw in the fridge for a few days, re-whip before use :)

          • Samantha Wright

            Thank you so much!!! :D

      • Yogesh Bansal


      • https://www.winni.in/pune/cakes/c/4 Uma Yadav

        Too fine its a a perfect art..Nice cake

      • Kelly Kirkpatrick Gallagher

        Can you decorate with fondant pieces and have it stick. I don’t want to cover the whole cake with it.

      • Ravinder Pratap

        ohhh thats looks so yummy cake try some other cake online delivery in pune

      • Kelly

        Hello Liz! I can’t wait to try this recipe. How long can it be kept at room temperature?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          I wouldnt leave it out more than 24 hours before refrigerating again :) Make sure when you need to use it again that you bring it to room temperature and then re-whip until smooth

      • Martha T

        If you add hi-ratio vegetable shortening, do you make any adjustments to the recipe? I can hardly wait to try this. Lauren’s recipe is just too buttery for me, so I am glad to find yours!

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          No adjustments necessary!

      • Paris Rabb

        Can you add cream cheese to this?

      • Daz Haela

        I made my first wedding cake for my son’s wedding last weekend. I was happy to hear this was a foolproof recipe since I was pressed for time, and indeed it was! I used a Kitchenaid stand mixer and timed it according to the directions. It whipped up fast and beautifully. I was told, even by the photo booth people, who attend a lot of weddings, that this was the BEST wedding cake they have eaten! I was stoked! It was really good. It has a ton of butter, but doesn’t taste greasy. In the first batch I noticed a little salty taste so for the second batch ground the salt a little finer, and used a bare pinch less.
        I made a double batch, not wanting to run out. It was a rough finish, circling the spatula round and round the vertical layers, which was the bride’s preference. (Thank goodness! It was easy and elegant, with fresh flowers.) I found that one batch of frosting probably could have covered, barely, a double layer, three tier cake(6″, 8″, and 10′) However, I didn’t use it for the filling, Commercially prepared Scottish lemon curd for two tiers, and Nutella with powdered sugar thickener for the bottom tier. (Just some wild ideas and they worked!)
        I will freeze the remaining frosting and use it over the next few months. I imagine I will just have to thaw it, then whip it again for a few minutes.
        Thanks for a great recipe!

      • Angela P

        Hi LIz,
        Thanks for the recipe, I just tried it and its so smooth but has a salty taste to it. Its not grainy.I read the comments and dissolved the salt in the egg white like you suggested. Should I just reduce the salt next time? Thanks :)

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          did you use unsalted butter? if so then yes just reduce the salt to your taste

      • Shema M.

        I’ve been mixing this buttercream for over 20 mins and it won’t whip up!!!! Ugh why???? Lol

      • Ashley Little

        Hello! Can this be frozen? I made way note than I needed and I hate to throw it out because it’s so good!

      • Chrystal

        Liz, I need your advise PLEASE!! I am wanting to do a taste testing with family and friends this Sunday with all of the butter creams and cakes I will be offering (opening a home cake biz) . I don’t want to make full batches of each flavor of butter creams so if I make 1 Swiss meringue batch can I separate, and flavor each in cup sizes maybe? or would I need to cut the recipes in quarters? I don’t know what to do in this case please help :) thank you so very much!!

        • Forevermore

          You should only half the recipe otherwise it alters the flavor to much.:)

      • Ann Mitchell

        Is it possible to use a sugar substitute with this recipe? Making a cake for a friend and I need low sugar buttercream to use under fondant….if possible.

        • Forevermore

          Use less sugar then or maybe Stevie:)

      • jane

        hi. how can i make this a chocolate buttercream?

        • RedVelvetCupcake

          Once it’s done, add some melted semi sweet chocolate.(start with a half cup, but you can add more) It’s not going to be a dense chocolate, but it’s delicious.

          • jane

            thanks… i will try it :)

      • Denise Ramirez

        I’ve tried the first step twice and it will not whip up to a meringue, its staying soupy. i’m using a different brand of 100% liquid egg whites. sheesh I can make SMBC and your vanilla and chocolate cake sooo I know I’m competent ( i think) Thanks, Denise, Dandee Cakez

        • Denise Ramirez

          Never mind, but I will leave this in case someone else encounters the same thing. for what ever reason I let my mixer go for 15-17 minutes and then it whipped up. #bepatient lol ;)

          • ALttlTchofHvnCakes

            Egg beater brand takes way too long to whip up. I only use the green and white brand. It whips up in a quarter of the time. The brand makes a huge difference

            • Forevermore

              Also Costco is a good brand:)

      • Erica Le-Benjamin

        Hi Liz! You suggested using flavor oils for different tastes and omg how come I’ve never thought of using it! Have you? I try to add as many fresh flavors as I can especially when I’m going for a fruity flavor, I find when I use fruit flavor extracts it’s not good when added to the buttercream. Do you think the flavor oils will taste funny? Also, I’m sure I missed this up in the recipe but how much buttercream does this make? Thanks so much!! LOVE watching your scopes!!

      • Rogiero

        In your periscope tutorial you added the Bavarian cream. Does the cream make it more creamy?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          It’s just for flavor and general yumminess :)

          • Rogiero

            Ok thanks

      • Candace Neuberger Mildner

        you mentioned above that the original recipe was too buttery for your liking; what did you change about it, If I may ask. I think it is still buttery, but delicious at the same time. I guess substituting some shortening for the butter would help with this. thank you for a fab recipe.

        • Cortne Oser

          The Original Lauren Kitchens recipe was 1 lb powdered sugar and 1/2 cup egg whites. Lizzo uped those ingredients in her recipe.

      • jane

        looooove ur buttercreAm frosting!!! what do i need to do if i want to have chocolate? help

      • Bonny Kay

        I just finished making your recipe. The salt didn’t dissolve , it’s grainy and you can taste it. If it sits overnight and I re whip it – is it possible that it will then dissolve? Thankyou in advance B. Meyer

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          So sorry, if you have a grainy bit from the salt, add the salt directly to the egg whites before you whip to let it dissolve first

          • Andrea Zuzma Hoadley

            Can you substitute meringue powder for the egg whites and if so, how much?

            • Andrea Zuzma Hoadley

              I was skeptical using this as part way through it smelled way too buttery, but OMG……this just made me realize that my buttercream really sucks! Thank you for this recipe!

              • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

                haha you’re welcome :)

            • Michelle

              I was wondering this also. Did you ever get an answer? Can’t find it anywhere on here

      • http://www.tiersofhappiness.net Ilona

        Thank you Liz, this sounds like a great alternative to SMBC, got to try it out!! :-)

      • Sabrina Banon

        Hi Liz! Can we use meringue powder?

      • casey

        Hi Liz, will adding in high ratio shortening help keep the buttercream from melting in the hot weather?

        • Rogiero

          It will melt butt will take a little longer than with only butter

      • Kimberly Lynn Worthington

        Can you toast this buttercream with a chef torch?

        • Rogiero

          It will melt before it will ever toast. That will only work with marshmallow fluff

      • Nicole Fields

        Can I make this chocolate flavored by adding melted chocolate at the end? If so, how much would you suggest using? Thanks!

        • Rogiero

          Yes you could but it will change consistency of the buttercream. For a really chocolaty flavor I suggest using ganache that has set up a little bit or adding fudge icing

      • Christina

        Have you tried mixing in a fruit puree to this recipe?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Yes! Strawberry is super yummy but you need to make sure the puree is cooled to room temp and the buttercream is room temp or they will curdle when you try to mix them.

      • carol

        How long can this be stored in the fridge?Also how long can it be left out on a cake ?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Stored in the fridge for as long as you need. Days. It’s countertop stable. I would say refrigerate if you’re not going to use it for more than a day.

      • Dawn

        Hello love! U have saved my life. I’m exactly like you in the first part of this post! Loyal to SMBC for years! But this….this is DIVINE. Just one question-does this freeze well? I wud think so but just want to make sure. Thanks! :D

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          I don’t see why not!

          • Murielle

            Hi Elizabeth, I’ve made your yellow sponge cake and it was great!! I was looking for an easy non-cook, non-american buttercream and thank heavens I found this one. My question is if I freeze it do I have to put it in the fridge to thaw? Also would I have to whip it again in case it separates?

      • Sandra Rocco

        Hi Liz, I don’t have pasturized egg whites here. Can i use fresh egg whites?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          not with this recipe. See my SMBC recipe for using fresh eggwhites

          • Sandra Rocco


          • Michelle

            Can you use meringue powder?

            • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

              I’m not sure, probably since it’s more of a royal icing buttercream and not a meringue based buttercream.

      • Simply Cakes By Nona

        Thank you so much Liz, love the Video. I too would like to know if you can replace some of the Butter with High Ratio to get a crusting buttercream? I am concerned about Wedding Cakes. Also how will it do with Fondant?

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          yes you can. It works great with fondant. Thats all I use

      • desmond

        Hi Liz I have a question if we want it more stable and want to add in shortening how much would I put, please reply thank you I love your videos and cakes btw :)

        • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

          Yes add in about a cup of hi-ratio shortening with the butter

          • Daina Westmoreland

            Hello I’m sorry I’m just a little confused you add 1 cup(8oz) of shortening plus the 2 lbs of butter or 1 1/2 lbs of butter and the 1 cup (8oz) of shortening I’m so sorry for my confusion, but I would love to hear from you, thank you so very much in advance ♡

            • Candace Neuberger Mildner

              thank you.

              • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

                Add an extra cup of shortening