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Faun and the Moon In Process Photos

Welcome Patrons! Here are some in-process photos for patrons only of my Faun in the Moon piece. If you have any questions about anything, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


The structure was created using 1/4″ threaded rod, a pipe bender and heavy aluminum wire for the moon. I attached to two together using WORBLA, a thermoplastic product you have to buy from the UK but it’s very strong. You could also use gorilla tape.

Worbla works by heating it up with a heat gun until pliable and then you wrap it around whatever you want and when it cools, it is very strong.



I built up the moon using tinfoil and tape. I did not use solid chocolate or Rice Cereal Treats because I did not want it to be heavy

I built up the body with more wire and covered in modeling chocolate and fondant. I use the aluminum floral wire from the craft department. I made the craters in the moon with various sized ball tools. I then airbrushed the entire thing in light blue then dry brushed on some white food color to bring out the details.

The arms and hands where very tricky because I wanted them holding a flute. I ended up taping the two arms together so they would not pull away when I applied the fondant over the top.

All the texture on the fur was created using soft sugar shapers from They are really great for putting in texture

The background was created by hanging some christmas lights and then applying a bokeh technique to my camera lens. I made a star shape. You can see the tutorial I used here.

The water effect was created using isomalt from simicakes and confections. I covered the board in some tinfoil to make the isomalt really reflective.  I put some masking tape around the edge of the board. I doubled it up just in case and then melted isomalt and poured it over the board until it covered the entire surface. The isomalt does not melt the tape.

  • Della Fleming Hall

    I fell in love with this before becoming a patron! And now too see the work in progress makes it even more amazing!!!

  • Bunny Roberts

    Absolutely Beautiful. Are the ripples in the water made with round cookie cutters touched to the surface of the Isomalt while still warm, or possibly silver wires inserted in circles after pouring a thin layer of Isomalt and then pouring a second thinner layer of Isomalt on top after the first layer cooled. Sorry, I’m so much a Geek, but please let me know if I guessed correctly or not. My mind just wont let it go. I think this a Museum ready piece of art.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      The ripples where created by simply running a dresden tool in a circular motion over the surface after the water had cooled on the surface but was still soft on the inside

      • Bunny Roberts

        Thank you so much for the quick reply. Simply stunning work.

  • Annette Simpson

    I’m in awe!!