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Artisan Cake Company is a licensed home based bakery serving the Portland/Hillsboro/Beaverton area. We specialize in unique wedding cakes and one of a kind special occasion cakes. All our cakes are made from scratch including our delicious marshmallow fondant.

Liz Marek/Owner

Liz is the owner of Artisan Cake Company in Portland Oregon. She specializes in sculpted and special effects cakes. She enjoys making tutorials, teaching classes around the world and coming up with new and innovative cake techniques. Liz is the author of the highly acclaimed cake decorating book, Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating. Her work has been featured in many magazines such as BRIDES, Oregon Bride, Portland Bride and Groom, Cake Masters, American Cake Decorating Magazine and more. She has competed and won on Food Networks Duff till Dawn (2015) and her work has been televised on Food Networks Outrageous cakes series and news stations.

Elizabeth studied Pastry Arts at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland Oregon. She studied under french pastry chef, Robert Parks and graduated at the top of her class.

Check out the News Page to see cakes featured in magazines, blogs and television appearances.

You can see more of Elizabeth’s work and keep in touch with her through her facebook and twitter.

  • Lowell Heinlein

    You are one amazing baker and I love how you iced a square cake. Lovely.

  • Rachel Moscowitz

    Hi Liz. I am going to bake first sheet cake 12x18x2”. Will tripling your vanilla cake recipe be enough?
    Thanks for your pro help,

  • Btrflykisses

    Hi, I’m wondering where you get your extension for your turn table. I can’t find one any where.

  • Heather McAnerney

    Hi Liz – are you taking orders for cake toppers?

  • Brianna Adams

    You are amazing! I just featured your beehive cake in a post for bee themed gender reveal ideas. I’ve retained your water mark and linked back. Please let me know if you have any concerns. It’s a gorgeous cake!!

    Halfpint Party Design

  • Jon Grimes

    Love watching Liz & her team Gould on Halloween Wars 2017. Liz has both talent & beauty!

  • Brady C.

    OMG Liz, I saw you on Food Network tonight… I think I was in art class with you at Lebanon High School! Your passion back then was obvious and it certainly seems to have paid off. Great job sticking with what you love, congrats!!

    Brady C.
    LUHS ’99

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Is this Brady Clarke? Nice to hear from you :) Who new art and baking would be my career someday haha.
      Hope you are well,

      • Brady C.

        Yep, that’s me… good memory! It’s so cool to see you on Halloween Wars. My girl and I are rooting for you from Seattle. Goooo team Ghoul’d!!!

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Thank you!

  • Amita Kohli

    Wine cake lover: from where can I get wine bottle and glass mold

  • Katie Evans

    How could I order a cake from you?

  • Hồng Quyên

    Hi Liz, I have been a huge fan of you and your work. I would like to order a small birthday cake for Dec 31, is it possible to order now? Thank you

  • Karla Thompson

    Liz I’ve been a huge fan of yours and have followed you on YouTube for a couple of years now.
    Will you be in New York (metro area) anytime in 2017 for classes or talks?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Hi Karla, I’ll be coming to Rocia Cake Studio July 14-16 to teach a fairy and a bust class :) I will announce classes on my fb page and I’m sure she’ll announce on her page as well

  • Liz Myrick

    I was googling myself and you almost have my name. You should cosplay as Beifong from Legend of Korra. You look just like her in this picture!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      haha thats so funny! Hello fellow liz

  • Sabra Pickens

    Hi Liz! I just received my fabulous book today and was reading through the introduction and at the end it says that you are available on social media through any of the links below but there is no links? I have attached a photo of what I am talking about maybe you can explain it :) thanks!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      You could message me on facebook if you need something

      • Sabra Pickens

        I can only find your business page and I don’t know how to message you on that. Sorry

  • Julia Flores

    Do u have an email I can send u info about requesting info for my wedding?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      My apologies but I am not taking on any wedding cake orders this year due to teaching and travel. So sorry.

  • Tonia Carter

    Hi Liz, I have your beautiful book on cake decorating and have started my own business. I have a customer wanting a 16″ round cake (2 layer) with a french horn (the instrument, not the holiday decoration) full size of the cake laying down on it with the protruding large sound making tunnel hanging off of the cake. Any suggestions? I am new to this and will need advice as well as a recommendation for what to use as the gold on such a large piece. These are examples of what the customer would like. HELP!!!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      I apologize for the delay. I sometimes cannot answer questions for a few days as I am traveling and working quite often. I would make the horn part out of modeling chocolate and support it with straws or dowels so it does not sink into the cake. Paint the whole thing with rolkom gold.

  • Delynn Tracy

    Hi Liz, LOVE your work!!!!!!!!!!! You recently boasted about Magic Chocolate. Can you please tell me what the differences are between this new product and your regular modeling chocolate. I thought you could untraceably blend pieces of modeling chocolate without seams without a heat gun (or is the heat gun for blending faster?)? Thnx !

    • Elizabeth Marek

      It just went a lot faster, like INSTANTLY and the magic chocolate set up instantly so you could make a bow and it would just instantly be stable

  • Jewel Burgess

    Liz, it is a pleasure to be able to communicate with you! Your work is AMAZING. and your videos and tutorials are so very helpful to me as a new cake designer. I found that I had a natural gift for cake design after making my son’s 1st birthday cake last October and I’ve been going full speed ahead with clients ever since. But I’m planning on slowing down to do a lot more training in the area of cake sculpting, that’s the area I want to build my business in and be known for. I just bought your book and have been watching all your videos. My desire is to do this full time and make a great living at it. I will continue to follow you, glean from you and take your great advice. Thank you and I hope to meet you in person soon. Have a great day! Ps, I hope you plan to come to the west coast for a class one day.

    • Elizabeth Marek

      You’re welcome :) Glad you are enjoying the book :)

      • Tonia Carter

        Hi Liz, I posted a question, are you still answering this feed?

  • Jennifer Tacy

    oh my gosh i am so glad to see that you are in the Portland area. my fiance and i are planning a gamer themed wedding and i think we may have to hit you up for a creative cake!

  • Christine

    Hi Liz, I’m excited to know you’re a home baker and that your business is a home based business. I’m a home based baker myself and wasn’t sure that this was going to work out, or that it could be successful out of my home, but seeing that yours is really inspires me to stay a home based business and move forward. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration :0)

    • Elizabeth Marek

      yea! That’s great!

      • Christine

        If your business is from home, do you have a specific area for consulting? Does your license restrict you like ours in California under the cottage laws? It can be frustrating.

        • Elizabeth Marek

          Yes I have an area by the front door dedicated to tastings. I have some nice chairs set up and some cakes around so it looks professional and then a table nearby for the cake tasting. What do you mean restrict? We have to be inspected by health officials to make sure our environment meets the standards of the health code.

          • Christine

            My license doesn’t require inspections by the health officials, but is more restricted, we can’t use creams, custards, cream cheese, or anything other than the cake containing egg or egg white. There’s another class of cottage food license, that one would require health officials to come inspect at any time – I’d have to look into it a bit more and probably worth looking into.

          • Elizabeth Marek

            oooh I see. Yes I would do the inspected one. That’s what I do :)

          • Christine

            I think I might at our new home – we’re moving in a few weeks. I’ve slowed down a lot. Thanks for replying, it’s so helpful to get actual advice. Have a wonderful day.

  • Ashley Scott

    Hello Liz! I was wondering how far in advance you are booked for wedding cakes? I have a wedding come August of 2016 and I realized that you are the one who made my dream cake that I found on pinterest. I would love it if your company was a possibility for my wedding day.

  • J R Smith Studio

    Hi Liz, I purchased your video on how to pack cake toppers for shipping. I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on packing and shipping sugar paste flowers as well? Thank you!

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Put each flower in a box of it’s own that is big enough that it has some room around it. Pad the loose petals with squares of kraft foam. Pack as in the tutorial but loosely. Good luck!

      • J R Smith Studio

        Thank you Liz!

  • Kinga Szczepaniak

    Hi, I have a question about delivery molds to Ireland. If I make an order would you be able to send it to Ireland? How much you charge for it and how long I need to wait for order?

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Sorry I don’t deliver to Ireland but you can order my molds from bakers bits and bobs on facebook

  • Adeola

    Hi Liz, am looking to do a cake course in your company. Been following you on Instagram for a while and I must say am really impressed with your work. Can I know the classes you have,duration and price. Thanks

  • Crisi Fromherz

    Hi Liz,

    Got your name from Laurie Clarke. I’m looking for cake, cupcakes – hopefully both, for next Sat 5/31. Will you let me know? I know exactly what I need so I’m all ready to go. I’m happy to meet any minimums.

  • Melodye Orberg

    Just watched your tutorial on face making with your face molds. Fantastic! I have made your standing toppers before and followed your instructions on the face making, and did alright, but these molds look so easy. How do I order them? Also, where do you order your Tylose from, I cannot find it in the stores in my area? Is there a place online that you prefer? Thanks, Mel Orberg

    • Elizabeth Marek

      Check the description under the video for links :)

  • Danny Fansler

    Hi Liz, I am currently enrolled at the Art Institute in the culinary arts program but after looking at your masterpieces I have changed my major to baking and pastry. I find baking much more enjoyable. Thanks! Danny Fansler