Walker Zombie Cake Tutorial

Walker Zombie Cake Tutorial

!!!!! WARNING! Graphic zombie parts ahead, including blood, guts gore and the like. If you don’t want to see that kind of thing, maybe don’t read this article :) 

Zombie cake tutorial available here.

There is a part of me that loves to make pretty cakes full of wonder and exquisite little details but there is also another part of me. A part of me that loves to make super realistic, super scare and super gory ZOMBIES! I don’t know what it is about those gruesome monsters but I can’t get enough. Every year around Halloween, I flex my zombie sculpting skills and do my best to re-create something as scary and realistic as possible. Not cutesie zombies for me!

2012 zombie (this one went viral a year later) – This was my first real attempt at a zombie and I was really proud of it at the time. The whole thing is created with rice cereal treats and modeling chocolate over a supporting structure. Looking at it now, I see a lot of flaws, including the head being way too big for the body. Many of the proportions are off.

2014 zombe – EYEscream cake zombie – created for sugar spooks collaboration www.sugarspooks.com – I really enjoyed making this zombie and even created a tutorial for the gummy eyeballs on my youtube channel. I can see now my anatomy skills are still lacking and the mouth is way too flat. The eye socket area has improved but my proportions still need a lot of work.

2015 Bicycle Girl Walker Cake – I created this cake for the annual sugar spooks collaboration! I have been wanting to re-create the iconic scene with Rick and Bicycle girl for many years but my skills where not up to parr. I finally feel like I was able to do this zombie justice!

This is me dressed up as Rick Grimes so that I could pose with my bicycle girl cake! Yes I am that obsessed. Don’t judge me.


I did a TON of research on the original scene from The Walking Dead, the special effects make-up they used, reference photos, anatomy photos and just general geekiness to get it perfect.

The final walker cake is carved from chocolate cake. The body is then covered in buttercream and then fondant. The face was modeled out of chocolate. I airbrushed the whole thing from a plain white cake. I created a tutorial that is quite long and detailed which you can purchase in my online store. 

So here she is, my finished bicycle girl walker cake! She is definitely my most favorite zombie cake so far! I hope you enjoy her!

Yes she really is a cake!

You can watch the cutting of the zombie cake here!


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    This is such a refreshing dish. I loved it. Thank you for recipe.

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    I bought tutorial I can’t find where it is. Please help

    • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

      The tutorial should be in a pdf in your email. The link is inside the pdf.

      • http://thesugarcanvas.com/ Sarah @ The Sugar Canvas

        Make sure you let your readers know to also check their spam folders!

        I sometimes send emails to my readers and some of them end up in spam.

        Wish I could send cookies over email :)


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    impressive creation .

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  • tasha walker

    Hello Lizz. You inspire me soooo much. I never thought that i can learn as well as i did just by listening to you. You helped me to understand the thinking process of sculpting. This is my first sculpted cake. Thankz Lizz. SISTAZ CAKES

    • http://www.artisancakecompany.com/ Elizabeth Marek

      WOW Tasha!! This is incredible!!! I can’t believe this is your first sculpted cake!!! nice work!!