Baby Faun Halloween Costume Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial on how I made my daughter’s Halloween costume. I wracked my brain trying to think of a great costume that was adorable but not cutesie or unoriginal. She’s my one-and-only so I always feel a lot of pressure to make each event super special. Don’t judge me.

So this is her full costume. An adorable little forrest faun. I found a great pajama pants tutorial for kids on this website. Its a great pattern because it doesn’t get too complicated. I have seriously BASIC sewing skills and I was able to pull this one off. The best part is it has sizes from 18m and up so it doesn’t matter what size your kid is, the pattern will fit them great.

Here is a little step-by-step picture process of sewing the furry faun leg pants using the pattern. I got the fabric from JoAnn’s and warning, it is messy but oh man does it look cute in the final product and keeps her toasty warm! For the photoshoot I didn’t put a shirt on her but for Halloween I dressed her in a nude colored onesie to help keep her warm.

The headband is made using the following supplies

Heat gun
Elastic Band (same that I used for the pants)
Glue Gun
Fake Flower
Twigs, horns, wire or something for the horns
Sticky back felt (white)
Ivory felt
Pink dusting powder, paint or blush

Here is the video tutorial on how I made the faun headband for my daughter. She is 14 months old and didn’t like wearing this hat much while we where inside but as soon as we got outside she didn’t even notice it. I was even able to paint her nose with a little white and black face paint while I distracted her with a bottle of milk. Oh the things you can accomplish when you use food as a weapon lol.




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      You will love it!